Best Corded Circular Saw

Best Corded Circular Saw of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparison

A top-notch corded circular saw offers a degree of dependability that is hard to match.

That said, what are the pros and cons to consider before grabbing the first Skilsaw you set your sights on.

So to minimize your time spent attempting to find the best corded circular saw, we conducted an immense amount of research to assist with fast-tracking the selection process for you.

Best Overall Circular Saw
SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Circular Saw SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Circular Saw
  • Equipped with Skilsaw's stellar worm drive gearbox and high powered motor generating up to 5,300 RPM.

  • Possesses an incredible lightweight magnesium frame for added versatility as the saw weighs just 11.5 lbs.

  • Beginner-friendly worm drive saw equipped with easily adjustable cutting depth thanks to a simple robust lock-in mechanism.

  • Boasts a left line of sight that makes it easy to use allowing you to keep your eyes on the workpiece.

Comparison Chart






Best Overall


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SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Circular Saw


Runner Up


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DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1/4" Circular Saw


Premium Choice


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SKILSAW SPT67M8-01 7-1/4” Circular Saw


Great Value


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Bosch CS10 7-1/4" Circular Saw


Bargin Budget


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Metabo HPT C7BUR Circular Saw


Best Corded Circular Saw Reviews

1. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw

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The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 is one of the best saws you can use for heavy-duty construction type works. The SPT77WML-01 is a lightweight worm drive circular saw that could very likely be the standout power tool in your tool shop or garage.

With its all-magnesium construction and worm drive gearbox, the SKILSAW SPT77WML-0 circular saw provides remarkable durability, exceptional power with its 15 amps motor, and is easy enough for beginners to make use of with their woodworking endeavors. 


The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 generates a no-load blade speed of 6,000 RPM with its super-powerful Dual-Field™ 15 amp motor. It’s actually faster and lighter than its predecessor at just 11.6 lbs and is now officially has the lightest in its class due to the SPT77WML-01 magnesium structure.

In terms of the bevel of capacity and cutting depth which can be adjusted via either sturdy spindle lock, you'll be able to work with a cutting capacity at a scale of 2-3/8 inch at 90° and with a max bevel capacity of 53° utilizing positive stops at 0° and 45°. The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 also includes additional indents for 0° and 45° bevels on the magnesium footplate at the front and back to increase precision.

If you have limited experience working with framing materials, the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 has large and obvious scales on its magnesium shoe.

The scales should help improve the accuracy of your cuts and although this feature is standard on circular saws, the markings are very prominent on the magnesium base. What’s also great about the base is its lightweight but robust build which is bound to improve overall durability and stability when the saw is in use.

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In regard to comfort, the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 is not fancy but not exactly bare-bones either. It is fitted with an over-saw ergonomic soft-grip handle that has a non-slip coating. The trigger mechanism is responsive and in-hand this saw has a nicely balanced feel that is comfortable enough to use for extended periods of time without potential wrist strain.

Honestly, if you're regularly working with lumber and need a high-powered circular saw that will stand the test of time, the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 delivers on all fronts.

While you might be thinking this circular saw is better suited for tradesmen and construction works, the SPT77WML-01 also perfectly fine for DIY homeowners as well. 

With the SPT77WML-01 worm drive design, you can effectively follow your cut line with ease and the anti-snag lower blade guard construction provides smoother operation when encountering smaller cut-off pieces.

The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 is from the originators of the worm drive circular saw and they've been manufacturing these beasts since 1924, so you know you're in good hands. 


  • Top-notch worm drive gearbox technology with high powered motor - 5,300 RPM
  • Lightweight magnesium frame for added versatility - weighs only 11.5 lbs
  • Easily adjustable cutting depth with simple robust lock-in mechanism 
  • Left line of sight that makes it easy to use by keeping your eyes on the workpiece 
  • Straightforward to service/maintain and comes with service wrench  


  • Power cord isn't of the best quality 

2. DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake

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The DeWalt DWE575SB is an extremely lightweight and compact circular saw weighing in at a mere 8.8 lbs making this corded circular saw very easy to maneuver. The DeWalt DWE575SB also possesses enough power for everyday use on the job site and could ultimately be the reliable DIY workhorse you've been waiting for.

Dewalt produces a wide range of power tools and their circular saws have a battle-tested reputation with professional contractors and tool enthusiasts. With the DeWalt DWE575SB, you're not just getting raw power in an affordable package, you're also getting a smooth operator that can make accurate cuts.


The DeWalt DWE575SB is a true powerhouse. This impressive 7 1/4-inch circular saw has been specifically designed for those individuals seeking a compact design with exceptional cutting capacity and maneuverability that delivers the kind versatility most circular saws simply can not.

The fact that the DeWalt DWE575SB weighs just 8.8 lbs means you can increase your labor hours with minimal fatigue. With that, it also makes the DWE575SB super to transport, especially with the soft carrying case the kit comes with.

The motor that is feeding this compact brute is rated at 15 amps and manages to thump out 1400 in-lb of torque, harboring a max speed is 5,100RPM at no load. Granted this might be on the lower end of the scale in terms of power output compared to other saws in this review, these performance stats are going to be more than enough for most tasks.

Plus, with a saw this compact, there has to be some compromise somewhere. 

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The DeWalt DWE575SB has a bevel tilt range between 0 and 57 degrees. The saw has two bevel stops, one at 22.5 degrees and the other at 45 degrees, which is advantageous, as these are common angles and cuts you'll likely make at some point.

The depth cutting capacity is 2 9/16” at a 90-degree angle, and 1 29/32" at a 45-degree angle. With this kind of cutting depth, you can productively cut through thicker 2x material with ease.

The DeWalt DWE575SB is fitted with a 9-foot power cord that could save you from having to roll out that dreaded extension cord if you're close enough to a power socket.

The DWE575SB is also equipped with a quality spindle lock that locks the spindle in position, so you can utilize the hex key for blade changes. Would be blade changes are effortless especially with the easy to access wrench that is slotted into the rear of the saw.

With the quality blade guard system and finely tuned gearbox, you can expect the DeWalt DWE575SB to last a long time and hold its own under the most stressful working conditions. DeWalt also offers an excellent 3-year warranty, which protects your saw against potential malfunction.  


  • Brilliant all-round circular saw with heaps of power boasting 1,950 Max Watts
  • Fitted with an electric brake system to prevent kickback hazards 
  • Durable and ergonomic rubberized grip that is very comfortable to hold
  • Quality made saw that is a cost-effective option for DIYers
  • Heavy-duty extended power cord that is molded to the inlet


  • Only one 18 tooth blade included with the kit

3. SKILSAW SPT67M8-01 7-1/4” Sidewinder Circular Saw

The SKILSAW SPT67M8-01 Southpaw Sidewinder Circular Saw has been designed with a left-sided blade. It’s an interesting design choice that some argue increases visibility and accuracy. If you prefer these types of sidewinders, then the SPT67M8-01 might just be the one for you.

The SKILSAW SPT67M8-01 boasts brilliant build quality and really is the focal point of the saw. It's has been constructed out of all-magnesium to greatly reduce the weight of saw while maintaining the tool's durability. While it might not be stacked with high-tech features, this circular saw delivers and does everything you'd expect from a SKIL saw. 


This model has an all-magnesium build, which means that it’s highly durable and considerably lighter than similar models. Of course, another important highlight is the maintenance-free design that could be overlooked by newbies, but would be considered highly beneficial to veterans.

Due to the sealed motor design and unique gearbox incorporated with the SPT67M8-01, you won’t need to constantly service and lube the tool.

The SPT67M8-01 also comes with a 24T carbide-tipped saw blade and an on-tool multi-functional wrench for both blade and motor brush replacement. The SPT67M8-01 features wrench storage at the base of the saw that flicks out by depressing the tool from the bottom of the magnesium shoe plate.

Whenever you are attempting blade changes with the SPT67M8-01 you can activate the spindle lock by pressing a button located on top of the motor housing and effectively lock the blade in position. This makes any blade change with the SPT67M8-01 super easy. 

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The SKILSAW SPT67M8-01 can be beveled up to 56 degrees which very favorable if you're not yet operating with a table saw or you just like the freedom of making bevel cuts with a circular saw.

One thing to keep in mind is that the SPT67M8-01 only features bevel stops of 0 and 45 degrees. This means that you need a bit of experience with calculating angles to get the most out of this circular saw.

The SPT67M8-01 possesses a dual-field brushed motor rated at 15 amps and rotates a 7 1/4-inch blade at 5,300 RPM.

The SKILSAW Dual-Field™ motor has been assembled utilizing dual copper motor windings. The dual windings increase copper surface area dissipating heat and keep the motor more than 40% cooler under load. This effectively reduces wear and tear on the motor due to minimizing heat damage which will help extend the lifespan of the motor.

Although the SPT67M8-01 comes ready to use in wood framing tasks, it packs enough power and stability that you can use it for plastics, tiles, sheet metal, and other materials. You’ll just need to invest in a different set of blades to start cutting other materials.

This really is a great all-rounder and seeing that it's a southpaw circular saw, you'll be able to sustain a precise cut line while cutting. 


  • All magnesium construction including motor housing to minimize weight 
  • Powerful 15 amp Dual-Field Motor that can withstand heavy-duty tasks 
  • Bevel capacity up to 56 degrees that is effective to use with positive stops
  • Built for both professional contractors and everyday DIY people 
  • 0° - 45° cut lines on both the front and back of the magnesium shoe plate 


  • No dust blower fitted to saw 

4. Bosch CS10 7-1/4-Inch 15 Amp Circular Saw

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With a big name manufacturer like Bosch Power Tools in the mix, you'd assume that this circular saw in question would tick all the boxes and own every imaginable feature that could be stuffed into a corded circular saw. Well, at least that's what we've come to expect from Bosch.

The Bosch CS10 Circular Saw is a solid choice for homeowners and woodworkers on a budget. It’s an affordable tool that doesn’t lack utility at all. It comes with sufficient accessories as well as some much-needed guidance features. All that might sound too good to be true and a little surprising bearing in mind Bosch and their price points on previous tools. 


There are two features that we immediately enjoyed about the Bosch CS10 Circular Saw and that is the integrated dust blower and the direct connect hook system. The dust blower on the Bosch CS10 is powerful enough to forcibly clear the way while cutting and conserve your cut line. The direct connect hook system is really just some fancy lingo for what would seem very simple, but incredibly practical.

In short, Bosch decided to install a hook on the housing of the saw to hang it from anything nearby. Yeah, basic bish engineering, but still, none the less brilliant.

The 15A motor puts out a good deal of power that in turn forcefully rotations the 24 tooth carbide blade at 5,800 RPM under no-load. This kind of high output power from the Bosch CS10 Circular Saw is more than enough to make quick and accurate cuts at a multitude of angles cutting tough materials.

The Bosch CS10 isn't the lightest circular saw on the list, but it is still mobile enough as it weighs just 10.2 lbs. It is fitted with a soft-grip handle and a magnesium footplate that helps shave off some weight and bulk.

Bosch has also included on-tool wrench storage which is a practical little feature that makes changing blades easier.

The saw also includes adjustable bevel and depth levers. The Bosch CS10 can be adjusted within seconds so you can make a complete range of different angle cuts accurately. You have a total bevel capacity of 56 degrees and positive spots of 22.5 and 46 degrees to work with.

Lastly, if you've gotten used to operating with a left-handed or southpaw circular saw, you should know now that the Bosch CS10 is a right-handed circular saw. So you guys and gals interested in making your cuts to the left for increased visibility might want to consider a southpaw option or even the left-handed version Bosch CS5.


  • High output motor that is more than capable of tackling tougher jobs
  • Powerful blower to vent dust debris while you're cutting  
  • Large tool bag included with 24-tooth carbide blade  
  • Fitted with a 2-inch hook to conveniently hang from structures while operating
  • Lifetime warranty with free replacement parts 


  • No light globe fitted to saw to enhance visibility  

5. Metabo HPT C7BUR Circular Saw with Electric Brake

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Metabo HPT formally known as Hitachi power tools has continued to raise the bar within the power tool industry and still keep its entire tool catalog, including the C7BUR, at a very competitive price range.

The Metabo HPT C7BUR circular saw in particular, is highly regarded by many woodworkers for the speed in which in cuts lumber and the accuracy of the saw, even when cutting dense materials. But does the C7BUR live up to the hype and should you make this corded circular saw your one and only?


The Metabo HPT C7BUR definitely isn't the cheapest circular saw on the market, but it has an array of features and enough power to generate an enormous about of speed at 6,800 RPM. The Metabo HPT C7BUR is mechanized by a hefty 15 amps motor that is more than powerful enough that you can cut through wood, plastics, tile, and metal quite easily.

There might be some overheating when working with metal, but using a quality diamond cutting blade should solve the issue.

One particular use for the Metabo HPT C7BUR Circular Saw is ripping boards; boards up to 2.5” thick can be spliced at a right angle and with cutting capacities of 1 7/8" at 45 degrees and 2 7/16" at 90 degrees, you should have no problem taking on larger and more demanding jobs with said cutting depth. 

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For beveled cuts, you'll be operating with a bevel capacity of 0-45 degrees with positive stops at 0 and 45 degrees. A rip-cut guide is included in the package, as is a dust port adapter and a standard 24T carbide-tipped blade. This means that you won’t have to worry about cutting deeper than necessary and risking kickback or snagging.

Speaking of kickback, the Metabo HPT C7BUR utilizes an electric brake system that is a hugely beneficial safety feature. Safety features often go overlooked for other impressive attributes like power, speed or elaborate laser-guided sight, but, having an electric brake on your mighty circular saw really is a godsend.

Although the Metabo HPT C7BUR Circular Saw is not the cheapest circular saw on the list, or within the Metabo HPT lineup, it is one of the more reliable, and powerful saws available that will certainly handle both hardwood and thicker tougher materials with little resistance.


  • 40% faster than any circular saw on the market with a max 6,800 RPM
  • Build quality and overall design is fantastic with easy to read markings on shoe
  • Front blower fitted to saw to help keep a clear line of sight when cutting 
  • Rounded functional handle with plenty of space for those with larger hands
  • Ribbed lightweight smooth aluminium base to increase glide


  • Standard blade that comes with kit needs to be upgraded to better blade 

Best Corded Circular Saw FAQ.

Should I Buy a Corded or Cordless Circular Saw?

That entirely depends on the demands of the current project you'll be working, your future requirements, and your occupational position. In other words, does the job you're working on and your employment status require the flexibility and freedom that cordless tools like a circular saw provide?

If you're operating in your very own woodworking shop and don't plan on venturing from one job site to another, a corded circular saw could be very worthwhile. As you'll be operating a high powered circular saw like the ones we've discussed with a reliable and proven power source, you'll never have to stress about power restrictions while wielding a saw with a 15 amp motor attached to it.

It really boils down to the tools use case and whether you're after the convenience that a cordless circular saw offers or the dependability that a burly corded circular saw brings to the table?

Which is Better Jigsaw or Circular Saw?

A jigsaw is primarily utilized to perform more precise tasks and can make otherwise difficult curved cuts into a range of materials. Whereas a circular saw, on the other hand, has one main goal – chop wood or other materials with speed. 

Sure, you can use a jigsaw to successfully cut a 2x4 if you must, but not at the same pace that a circular saw can. Circular saws are able to cut through thicker stock with relative ease and can make short work of hardwoods that could potentially dull the blade of a jigsaw quickly.

All that said, a jigsaw is not better or worse than a circular saw. It just depends on how you intend on using it. If you're doing any type of framing or building a deck, go with a circular saw. You won't get the necessary cutting depth or bevel capacity from a jigsaw as you would with a circular saw.

Although if you're looking for a saw that can make everything from straight cuts, curved cuts, plunged cuts and even bevel cuts, a jigsaw can be a very handy tool to have. It really is a case of apples vs oranges and while both tools can be used for cutting, the best circular saw doesn't compare to the best jigsaw.

Are SKIL Circular Saws Any Good?

Dollar for dollar, SKIL manufacture some of the best circular saws on the market today. SKIL is a well-renowned company with a rich legacy of producing innovative power tools for both the pros and DIY homeowners. SKIL invented the very first electric-powered hand saw in 1924 and has established a reputation among would-be consumers as one of the top cost-effective DIY power tool brands.

What you may not be aware of is that Chevron, a Fortune 50 company that has been in the business of oil and gas production since the 1800s and is one of the original Seven Sisters, has decided to expand their escapades even further by acquiring both the SKIL and SKILSAW brands. 

Has this acquisition been a triumph for consumers who have grown to love both the SKIL and SKILSAW brand? That is remained to be seen. But hopefully, there won't be any major production changes and SKIL, and specifically, SKILSAW will continue to build rugged circular saws that will last a lifetime.

SKILSAW is known for building the first worm drive circular saw that has been celebrated for this achievement for nearly 100 years. Let's just hope that SKILSAW can maintain their legendary status and continue to manufacture circular saws like the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 into the future.


Whether you’re ready to start working on your next project or if you’re just interested in honing your woodworking skills, now is as good a time as any to add a high-quality circular saw to your workshop arsenal.

Any product on this list will make short work of most hobby projects, but the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 might deserve special consideration. It’s a really well-rounded saw that offers class-leading performance and is also ideal if you're a beginner.

Thanks to trickle-down technology that has spread throughout the power tool industry in recent years, you can now pick up one of the best circular saws at a very affordable price point.

The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 is in our opinion the best circular saw as it possesses a topflight 15 amp motor, a lightweight magnesium frame, and the ever-popular worm drive design.

It really is a whole lot of saw at a relatively low price. 

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In Conclusion

Corded circular saws offer a few advantages over their cordless counterparts. One obvious advantage is how dependable they are in terms of power, both in regard to the supply and power output.

While cordless power tools are fantastic and provide amazing flexibility, they are restricted by their limited battery supply/power source.

When it comes to corded circular saws, you can pick one up with a multitude of features like a powerful 15 amp motor, easily adjustable cutting depth, lightweight magnesium shoe, laser-guided sight, and an integrated dust system.

Point is, not only does the best circular saw on the market have all the fancy bells and whistles that's been typically reserved for cashed-up contractors, you can now get one with all the highlighted features for a modest bargain.

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