Best Cordless Angle Grinder of 2020 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Best Cordless Angle Grinder

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Angle grinders are one of the essential power tools for any homeowners or professional handymen. They are perfect for cutting and grinding off excess material for all kinds of home projects.

With the advancements in battery technology, you can forget about jumping over cables and watching your footing. Cordless angle grinders are much more practical because they allow you to take your work far away from a power outlet. Stick around and find the best cordless angle grinder for your needs.

Comparison Chart

SKIL 20V 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder, Includes 2.0Ah PWRCore 

Ryobi ZRP421 ONE Plus 18V Cordless 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder 

Bosch 18V Angle Grinder, 4-1/2 In. GWS18V-45

Makita XAG20Z 18V LXT BL 4-1/2″/ 5″ Paddle Cutoff/Angle Grinder

NoCry 20V 4 1/2″ Cordless Angle Grinder – 10,000 RPM Max Speed

Best Cordless Angle Grinder Reviews

SKIL AG290202 20V 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder

Founded in 1926, Skil is one of the top power tool manufacturers. The company was responsible for some revolutionary patents that have since become industry standards. The 20V Angle Grinder by Skil is one of the best tools of its kind you can buy on today's market.


The grinder is ideal for all kinds of home improvement projects, and it can help you finish off any grinding, sanding, sharpening, polishing, and tile cutting tasks that you may run into at home.

The tool comes with a PWRCore 20A Lithium battery designed with special cooling systems that prolong the battery’s lifespan. The grinder’s got a 3-position side handle you can easily move to be able to reach some tricky area where other tools can't. The powerful motor can produce up to 8500 RPM, which is very impressive for a cordless tool. It's a very durable and versatile power tool.

Furthermore, the dual function lock-on switch makes sure that the grinder doesn't start up by accident, so you don't have to worry about possible injuries. The slow start feature allows you to ease into every grinding or cutting job and makes sure your results are perfect every time.

You can also change the position of the guard, so you get better access to some areas. The spindle lock helps you change wheels in a matter of seconds. The grinder also has onboard wrench storage that holds the spindle handle.


  • Great for DIY projects
  • 3-position side handle
  • Soft start feature
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable


  • Battery depletes quickly

Ryobi ONE Plus 18V Cordless Angle Grinder

The Ryobi One Plus 18V cordless angle grinder is an affordable tool compatible with all One+ batteries. It has all of the features of a tremendous cordless tool you can use to finish a great variety of DIY jobs.


The motor delivers up to 6,500 RPM, and it's powered by an 18V battery. That's not the most powerful motor in this line of products, but it can help you get some smaller jobs done in no time.

The grinder weighs a little more than 6 lbs., so it's a bit heavier than most, especially when you add the Li-ion battery. The three-position side handle is easily removable, and it provides the control you need to get the job done.

The tool works with all Ryobi One+ batteries, including the P108, the highest capacity battery in the set. The device has an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable, secure grip, so you won't have to worry about the grinder slipping out of your hands on the job.

The Ryobi 18V grinder is the best cordless angle grinder if you already own other Ryobi One Plus cordless tools as you’ll be able to use the batteries you already have. Otherwise, you'll have to buy the 18V batteries and charger separately.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • 3-position side handle
  • Works with all One+ batteries
  • Secure grip


  • Batteries and charger not included

Bosch GVS-18V-45 18V Angle Grinder

If you have a full rack of power tools in your garage, chances are that you have at least one Bosch tool. The company is a leading name in the industry, and it's behind some of the most highly regarded power tools on the market. Its 18V cordless angle grinder is a well-made product with all of the features you need to finish a variety of DIY home projects.


Bosch makes only high-quality and durable tools that get the job done without any exceptions. Like most other Bosch cordless tools, this angle grinder also comes with Bosch's unique Electronic Cell Protection and Electronic Motor Protection that prevents overheating and make sure that the tool works for years to come.

Many professionals use this tool because it's very versatile and has a powerful four-brush motor that puts out 10,000 no-load RPM. It can handle the toughest grinding and cutting jobs without any issues.

The angle grinder has a two-position vibration control side handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip, so you won't feel fatigued after grinding for hours at a time. The tool-less quick-change wheel guard and restart protection work together to prevent accidental startups and injuries.

This is one of the best cordless angle grinders because it's very powerful and can cope with heavy-duty applications like cutting metal pipes and ceramic tiles. The batteries are included with every purchase.


  • 6 Ah battery
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable
  • Useful features
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications


  • Charger not included

Makita XAG20Z 18V Paddle Cutoff/Angle Grinder

Makita is, without a doubt, one of those power tool brands used by professionals and amateurs all over the world.

The company’s tools are known far and wide for their impeccable craftsmanship and a wide range of applications. That brings us to one of their most popular cordless tools on the market. The Makita XAG20Z has some unique features that can help you get a lot done in no time.


Let's start with the electric brake that stops the grinding wheel from spinning in less than two seconds for safety and maximum productivity. The Active Feedback Technology (AFT) will turn the motor off if the wheel gets blocked, so you don't have to worry about overheating.

Furthermore, the automatic speed change feature can adjust the speed and torque for each specific task, making sure that you get the best results every time. The device works with 4.5- and 5-inch grinding discs.

The variable speed dial is another handy feature that allows you to alter the rotational speed range of 3,000 to 8,000 RPM. You can match the RPM to each task, which helps you get accurate cuts every time.

There are a lot more features designed for increased efficiency, including a 3-stage LED battery indicator, spiral bevel gears, soft start, and more. The Makita angle grinder is a durable, versatile tool for the professional and amateur handyman.


  • Battery level indicator
  • Motor protection technology
  • Soft start feature
  • Variable speed dial
  • Automatic brake


  • Quite heavy

NoCry 20V 4 1/2” Cordless Angle Grinder

NoCry might be a no-name brand, but the 20V 4 1/2" cordless angle grinder might surprise you. It’s loaded with a list of useful features, yet it costs less than most of its competitors on the market.


The NoCry angle grinder can spin up to 10,000 RPM at no load, and it comes with all kinds of accessories you need to get the job done. The high capacity 20V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery will keep the grinder working for hours at a time, and the battery needs only 2 hours to recharge completely via the fast charger.

It's the ideal tool for sanding and grinding metal, wood, stone, steel, sawing, and many other applications. The set includes a dry-cut diamond wheel that can cope with the toughest of applications.

Furthermore, the tool has a paddle switch trigger that reduces fatigue after prolonged use. Welders, plumbers, mechanics, craftsmen, and construction workers can use it for their everyday projects even when they are far away from a power outlet.

The 2-position adjustable handle allows you to approach tasks from different angles. There's a battery life indicator on the backside of the battery, and the tool weights 4.94 lbs., so it's not only lightweight but also very versatile and easy to handle.


  • Battery life indicator
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Carry bag
  • Powerful motor
  • Good for heavy-duty applications


  • Battery depletes quickly on tough tasks


If you're looking for the best cordless angle driver that is versatile, powerful, and affordable at the same time, you might want to go with the NoCry cordless angle driver. It's a tool with all of the features you need to get a lot done quickly.

It comes with a powerful motor that produces up to 10,000 RPM, and a sizable 4Ah Li-ion battery with a battery life indicator, so you'll always know when you need to use the charger. You will be able to complete many different tasks on a single charge, and you'll get a 4-year warranty and a 30-day refund for if you're not happy with it.

However, if money is no issue and you want to make sure you get the absolute best angle grinder there is, the Makita XAG20Z is the right choice for you. Makita tools are known for their durability and versatility, and they are available at most hardware and home improvement stores all over the world.

If you already own a cordless Makita power tool, this cordless angle grinder can be a great addition to your collection.

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