Best Cordless Circular Saw of 2020 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Best Cordless Circular Saw

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The market is full of cordless circular saws, so we understand that it's hard to find one that best suits your needs.

Well, if you are serious about your power tools and if you want to make sure that you get the best cordless circular saw there is, you’ve come to the right place. There are many benefits to using cordless tools. You don't have to worry about messy cables and jumping over them all the time, and you can take your work far away from electricity and still get it done.

Comparison Chart

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw 

SKIL 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw

Ryobi P506 One+ Lithium Ion 18V 5 1/2 Inch 4,700 RPM Cordless Circular Saw 

VonHaus 20V MAX Cordless Circular Saw 6-1/2″ 

Makita XSR01PT 18V x2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) 

Best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews

Black & Decker BDCCS20C 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

You probably don’t need anyone to inform you to know that Black & Decker has decades of experience in power tool manufacturing. The company has reinvented itself multiple times, and today it’s known for a wide range of highly affordable tools, including cordless tools like this circular saw that has all of the features you need to get the job done in remote places.


The Black & Decker BDCCS20C is one of the most compact circular saws on the market, be it cordless or corded. It's lightweight and straightforward to use, even for a total beginner. The saw offers excellent value for the money, as it has all of the essential features at a much lower price point than many similar products.

It's got a high-torque motor that allows fast cutting and a wide range of applications. One of Black & Decker’s useful features, which you can't find on many cordless circular saws, is the adjustable bevel. You can adjust it to 45 and 90 degrees so you can finish some otherwise tricky cuts in no time. The purchase includes a 20V 2Ah battery and a fast charger that needs only 2 hours to restore battery power completely.

The 5.5-inch cutting blade is just the right size for small and medium cutting jobs around the house. You can adjust the depth of every cut without the use of any additional tools. You are looking at the best cordless circular saw for the money, one that’s widely used by handymen all over the globe.


  • Bevel adjustments
  • Powerful motor
  • 5-inch cutting blade
  • Compact
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Battery dies quickly

SKIL CR540602 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw

Even though Skil is not as highly regarded as professional-grade power tool manufacturers like Makita or DeWalt, the capabilities of their tools are very impressing. The 6 1/2" cordless circular saw is able to outperform similarly priced products without breaking a sweat.


One of the first things you see when you look at this power tool is that it has a bigger blade than most. The 6-1/2" saw is all you need for most DIY home projects, but it can also help you get a lot of work done on a construction site. It has a PWRCore 20 Li-ion battery that has a unique temperature management system designed to prevent overheating and extend the battery’s lifespan.

The powerful motor can rotate the saw up to 4,500 revolutions a minute, and that's all you need for most cutting jobs. You can change the depth adjustment according to the task at hand, and the angle is adjustable from 0 to 50 degrees for all kinds of cuts.

All in all, if you want to get the best cordless circular power saw with all of the features you could ever need, this one is a great choice. It's not only versatile and very powerful, but it also has other useful features like the easy-grip handle, the safety shroud, and the built-in LED light that improves accuracy and makes sure you get the best results every time.


  • Easy to use
  • LED work light
  • Quick bevel adjustment
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable


  • Battery life

Ryobi P506 One+ 18V 5 1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw

Ryobi power tools are designed with all of the features you need to get most DIY jobs done quickly and efficiently at prices that anybody can afford. The P506 One+ cordless circular saw is one of the best such tools available because of the many features designed to make every job easier than ever.


You can see right away that this is one of the most affordable tools in this review, but that’s partly because it’s the bare tool only that doesn’t come with a battery. However, the P506 circular saw works with all One+ batteries, so you don't have to buy any if you already have other cordless Ryobi tools in your collection.

The rubber overmold provides a secure grip for both hands while cutting, so you get all the control you need under all conditions. One of the best features, especially for beginners, is the laser guide. You will see a small red line in front of the saw, acting as a guide for your blade. With some practice, every cut you make will be as accurate as possible.

Power-wise, the motor can produce up to 4,600 RPM, which is a little more than the average for budget cordless circular saws and certainly enough to get any job done. The set includes a 5 1/2-inch blade and a wrench for changing blades. The maximum cutting depth at 45 degrees is 1-7/16". When combined with a One+ battery, this saw weighs about 5.8 lbs., so it's very lightweight and easy to control.


  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Laser guider
  • Affordable


  • Battery not included

VonHaus 20V MAX Cordless Circular Saw

If you're new to power tools, VonHaus may not be as famous as some brands, but its lineup includes some very versatile and reliable power tools. This one, in particular, deserves to be called the best cordless circular saw for having some impressive features for such an affordable device.


Serious power tools usually cost quite a hefty sum of money, but not with the VonHaus 20V cordless saw. It's very affordable, and it's perfect for DIY jobs and other applications.

The motor has enough power to rotate the blade at 3800 RPM, which is enough for cutting 2x4s, plywood, planks, plastic pipes, and so on. You can adjust the cutting depth to a maximum of 2.1" for 90-degree cuts. You can adjust the bevel angle up to 45 degrees, which will give it a maximum cutting depth of 1.5".

The 6-1/2" blade will chew through all kinds of materials and the rubber grip and ergonomic handle improve control and precision. You could have a hard time working in tight spaces because the saw weighs 10.4 pounds.

The included 3.0 Ah battery can provide you with a few hours of work time, and it has a handy LED indicator that tells you when the battery is charged or discharged. It takes only 75 minutes to recharge the battery completely. The set includes a carry case and a chuck tool for quick blade changes.


  • LED battery indicator
  • Carry bag included
  • Fast charger
  • Adjustable bevel
  • Two saw blades
  • Affordable


  • Heavy

Makita XSR01PT Brushless Cordless Circular Saw

Makita tools don't need much introduction because everyone knows that they are reliable and versatile for both amateur and professional applications. If you're looking for the best cordless circular saw kit with powerful batteries and other handy features, what you need is this excellent set by Makita.


Before we get into the details, know that this saw is different than all others on our list because it comes with two 18V LXT 5.0 Ah batteries (connected in series for 36V total). Makita’s LXT technology prolongs battery life and delivers more power to the motor. The brushless motor can spin at up to 5,100 RPM, which is enough for heavy-duty applications on the construction site.

Such high RPM makes it possible to cut three times the material in a single pass. You can make 2-9/16" deep cuts at a 90-degree angle. You can adjust the bevel between 0 and 53 degrees in three different settings. The electric brake ensures maximum productivity and the automatic speed change feature eases the blade into every cut. That allows you to make some super accurate cuts.

When you purchase this set, you will receive two batteries, a dual-port charger that can charge both batteries at the same time, and a 7-1/4" ultra-coated CT saw blade, all neatly packed in a handy carry case. What more could you need?


  • Two 5.0 Ah batteries
  • Dual-port charger
  • Very powerful
  • 5,100 RPM
  • Free carry case


  • Expensive


It's hard to choose the best cordless circular saw on the market because all of them have some unique features designed to make your work easier.

However, if you really want the best and if money is no issue, the Makita XSR01PT Brushless Cordless Circular Saw is the one for you. It's got two 5.0Ah batteries and a dual charger. The powerful motor can produce up to 5,100 RPM, and it has multiple bevel settings. You can make deep, precise cuts faster than most cordless circular saws.

But, if you are looking for something a little more affordable that can get the job done, then you might want to go with the SKIL CR540602 20V 6-1/2” Cordless Circular Saw that offers excellent value for the money.

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