Hitachi C7SB3 Circular Saw

Hitachi C7SB3 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Review

Quick Overview





  • Powerful motor 15 amp motor will easily cut through thick lumber
  • Great ergonomic design with soft grip handle for added comfort 
  • Adjustable bevel at 0- 50° for increased versatility 
  • Adjustable cutting depth can simply be controlled with one hand
  • Integrated dust shoot and dust blower to help eliminate waste 
  • Brilliant beginner friendly easy to use starter circular saw


  • Only comes with a soft carry bag. No hard protective case included 

Hitachi, now known as Metabo HPT, manufactures all kinds of appliances and tools for both the residential and industrial use varieties. The Hitachi C7SB3 model isn't a revolutionary saw, but it is very powerful and well-designed one. You can use it to complete home projects, but it's also suitable for professional use. 

It's an excellent corded circular saw with all of the features you need to get impressive results no matter how hard the task at hand may be.

Hitachi C7SB3 7-1/4" Circular Saw

There are many circular saws you can buy these days, so it's easy to get confused, especially if you don't know what features to look for. But you may not have to look another further than this Hitachi circular saw with its perfect mix of useful features, durability, and power.

You can use it for all kinds of projects, even those that require some high-end tools. It is a highly versatile corded saw with a deep cutting capacity and an adjustable angle, so it can tackle tricky cuts and demanding tasks. You may not need another circular saw after buying this one as you’ll be able to throw almost anything at it.

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Who is it for

Most original compact circular saws like this one don't need any specialized training to use. That's why it's suitable for beginners and professionals alike. You can use it on most DIY home projects, but the power of this device is destined for heavy-duty applications on the construction site or a carpenter's workshop. It will, however, be beneficial for all handymen, plumbers, woodworkers, construction workers, and so on.

If you're new to power tools, it could be a little too much to start with, but it really only requires a bit of practice and perhaps watching a YouTube tutorial. All of the safety features are there, so you shouldn't worry about injuries, as long as you use the device properly. Check the user guide before you start it up and you should be fine.

What's included?

The set includes pretty much everything you need to start working with the circular saw right away. Here is what you get:

  • C7SB3 circular saw
  • TCT saw blade
  • Tool bag
  • Hex wrench

Features overview

This is one of those power tools with a long list of useful features. It's got everything you need to finish otherwise difficult jobs much faster than before. The powerful electric motor provides speeds of up to 6,000 RPM, meaning that your cuts will be precise and the blade will chew through the material with ease. Nothing can stand in the way of this blade and live to tell about it.

The light weight aluminum base has scales in the front and the side, so you can keep an eye on every line, and the integrated dust blower will make sure that the path in front of the blade is clear of all debris. The dust blower is a welcomed addition and a characteristic that majority of circular saws do not feature.

The saw has an adjustable angle of between 0 and 55 degrees. It can make 45-degree cuts at a capacity of 1-7/8-inches. 90-degree cuts are the deepest, with 2-7-16 inches so that you can work on thicker pieces of wood like wooden beams and 2x2s. This versatility allows you to maximize the saws use case and employ a wider variety of cuts at different angles of degrees.

The saw also includes an adjustable cutting depth option, giving you the ability to accurately adjust the depth of the saw to make deeper or shallower cuts. By merely releasing a lever at the rear of the saw and planting the aluminum base on a solid surface, you're now ready to make meticulous cuts at various cutting depths.

Furthermore, the non-slip slim grip provides a secure grip and improved control when making any cut. You can adjust the bevel with one hand, and the set screw will keep it aligned correctly. The feature is very convenient when you need to make a lot of angled or bevel cuts.

The tool comes with a useful cord holder that makes sure that the cord doesn't get in the way of the 7-1/4" blade. Even though this tool is a bit bulky, it weighs a reasonable 9.5 lbs., so you won't have a hard time controlling it. The set includes a convenient tool bag for easy carrying and storage.

How to use

As said, the Hitachi 15-amp circular saw is highly versatile to suit beginners and professionals alike. Plug it in and set the angle of the cut. Use the scales on the front to keep a straight line while keeping the base plate of the saw flat to make a cut.

This is a power tool that can handle all kinds of woodworking projects you might have at home, but you can also take it to the construction site and use it on larger pieces of plywood or thicker wooden planks. It takes a few minutes to figure out how everything works, but once you do that, you'll be able to make some difficult cuts like a pro.

This saw also has the ability to cut through aluminum or metal materials by simply switching out the blade to carbide-tooth type blade, if you have future plans to cut metal materials. Changing the blade on the saw is a relatively simple task that can be achieved by utilizing the hex wrench that comes standard with the kit. 


The Hitachi circular saw is a serious tool for serious handymen. It's not a small battery-powered tool you can move around that easily. It's designed for heavy-duty applications, and it needs electricity to work. If you're looking for a circular saw you can use for small home projects, you should probably get a cordless model.

The 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch circular saw by Black & Decker should be more than enough for your needs. It's got all of the safety features, and it's much lighter than this Hitachi circular saw. Besides the smaller blade and reduction in power, this is still a solid option and is certainly enough for most DIY projects. 

While the Black & Decker BDCCS20C is a good budget circular saw. It doesn't feature the large aluminum base or fancy dust blower that the Hitachi C7SB3 does, but you do have the benefit of being able to put away the extension cord and still make a quality bevel cut. 

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If you're looking for a high-quality circular saw that could cope with anything and everything you throw at it, the Hitachi C7SB3 Circular Saw is all you need. It's got 6,000 RPM, and with a large 24-tooth saw blade, it can make perfect cuts faster than many circular saws on the market.

Another attribute of the Hitachi C7SB3 worth noting is how well-balanced it is in terms of the saw's weight. It really has a solid feel to it while holding the saw, delivering excellent weight distribution while operating it.

You can use it for hours at a time on thick pieces of wood or to slice through bits of aluminum (with the right blade), so it's suitable for professional use. If you want to add a highly capable power tool for your collection, this one might just fit the bill.

We hope that you benefited from our review of the Hitachi C7SB3 7-1/4" Circular Saw. If you are considering purchasing this saw, keep in mind that this is the same product as the Metabo HPT 7-1/4" Circular Saw, as Hitachi has recently changed its name to Metabo HPT.

The Metabo HPT kit comes with everything the Hitachi model does, including innovative dust blower, heavy-duty aluminum base, a standard hex wrench, and cutting capacity at 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

In other words, you be purchasing the same quality, and high capacity saw, just with the new name Metabo HPT.

Well, that concludes our review of the Hitachi C7SB3. Best of luck finding the right circular saw for those days on the construction site or weekend woodworking sessions.

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