How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling

How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling Holes Into a Wall

Wondering how to give your space a fresh look with curtains but dread the thought of drilling into your walls? Surprisingly, most renters avoid wall modifications, making drill-free curtain hanging methods a sought-after solution.

02/01/2024 – Update

In a Nutshell:

Discover four innovative, drill-free methods to hang curtains effortlessly: Command hooks, tension rods, magnetic curtain rods, and Twist and Fit systems. Each method is tailored for different curtain weights and window sizes, offering an easy and damage-free solution. Command hooks support up to 7.5lbs, ideal for lightweight curtains, while tension rods fit perfectly within window frames for medium-weight curtains. Magnetic rods work seamlessly with metal curtain rods, and Twist and Fit systems offer both style and functionality, fitting snugly within the window frame.

Choosing the right no-drill curtain hanging method is crucial for a seamless and stylish look. These innovative solutions not only preserve the integrity of your walls but also offer a quick and easy way to enhance your living space.

5 No-Fuss Steps To Hanging Curtains

Transform the task of hanging curtains from daunting to delightful, even in spaces without pre-installed rails. Ideal for renters and homeowners alike, these drill-free methods are not only straightforward but also promise to keep your walls intact.

Easy Ways To Hang Curtains
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1. Pick A Method Of Hanging Your Curtains

You need to choose a method of hanging your curtains. We have listed four easy ways that don’t require any drilling further in this article. You will need to buy the equipment necessary for your chosen method. 

The method you choose will be determined by various factors, including how heavy your curtains are, how big your window frames are, what materials you already have at your disposal, and how much time you have. You should pick a method that will be easy for you. 

2. Choose The Right Curtains And Measure The Window

Next, you need to measure the window frame and curtains. Ensure your curtains are the right size for the window frame, as window frames can be different sizes. If you skip over this step, you could end up with crooked curtains that don’t fit nicely on your window and leave gaps for light to shine through. 

Measure the window frame and make some markings with a pencil on the frame. This will help ensure your curtains are straight when applying your chosen hanging method. 

3. Clean The Window Area Well

Once you have your measurements and markings down, and you know your curtains will fit the windows, you need to clean the area on the wall where the curtains will hang from. This is especially important if you are using a method to hang your curtains that require adhesive. 

If the wall is dusty or has any dirt on it, the adhesive won’t stick properly, and your curtains will fall shortly after hanging them. 

4. Follow The Instructions 

Once the wall area is clean, you can begin the process of hanging up your curtains using the method you have chosen.

Most of the equipment you need for your chosen method will come with instructions on installing them correctly. Still, we have included a brief explanation in each section of the different ways for your convenience. 

5. Hang Your Curtains

When you have installed all the necessary equipment, you can hang your curtains up, step back, and look at your handy work.

See if your curtains are hanging straight and close properly. If there is an issue, you should fix it now before it’s too late, depending on the method you used. 

4 Methods To Hang Curtains Without Drilling

There are four ways you can use to hang your curtains up without drilling into your walls. These methods are easy to do, and you can easily find the equipment you need to install them at your local DIY stores. 

Let’s go through these four curtain hanging methods to get your curtains up and your house feeling like a home. 

Tips For Hanging Curtains Without Drilling
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1. Use Command Hooks

Command hooks are a fantastic way to hang up curtains without damaging the walls of your apartment by drilling. You will need to find the right hooks for your curtains based on the weight of your curtains, as some hooks can only handle light sheer curtains.

However, if you keep searching, you can find command hooks that can hold up to 7.5lbs. 

Step 1: Measure and Mark

Once you have bought the command hooks that can hold your curtains, use a pencil to measure where you want the command hooks to go. Make sure they are straight.

Step 2: Prep & Clean

Take the time to thoroughly clean the wall where the hooks will hang, and ideally use a soft cloth with vinegar and or dish detergent solution.

Step 3: Prep the Hook

Next, peel off the paper from the back of the hooks that protect the hooks’ adhesive material.

Step 4: Secure the Hook

Stick the hooks onto the marked areas of your wall and push down on them hard to ensure they stick well.

Step 5: Wait and Place

Wait 24 hours to allow the adhesive to stick to the wall fully, and then place your curtain rods on the hooks and hang your curtains as usual.

  • Command hooks are super easy to use and install on walls
  • They require very little to no tools and no drilling is needed
  • You can hang heavy and light curtains with the right hooks
  • Command hooks will not work on texture type of walls
  • They can leave a sticky residue when you remove the hooks

2. Use Tension Rods To Hang Your Curtains

Tension curtain rods are an excellent way to hang your curtains up in your apartment without damaging the walls by drilling into them. Tension rods can work with most window widths in homes and apartments, and they are widely available at DIY stores across the country. 

Step 1: Prep the Rods

Once you have your tension rods, take them out and put your curtains onto the rods as you would with normal curtain rails.

Step 2: Place the Rods

Carefully place the tension rods into the window frame. The two rods should go on either side of the window frame.

Step 3: Adjust & Twist

Adjust the rods by twisting them until they fit tightly in the window frame. Wiggle the rods slightly to make sure they don’t move.

  • Tension curtain rods are also very easy to install
  • They don’t require any special tools or equipment
  • Tension rods are easy to find at your local DIY store
  • Tension rods are less sturdy and will not hold heavy curtains
  • You will need to regularly check the hold of the tension rod
  • They can loosen over time and fall out the window frame

3. Magnetic Curtain Rods

If you have a curtain rod that you adore from another apartment you stayed in but don’t want to put up as it could damage the walls of your new place, fear not, as you can use some heavy-duty magnets to put your curtain rod up without drilling. 

You will need to buy three things for this curtain hanging method. These are some heavy-duty magnets, super glue, and the strongest command hooks you can find. 

Step 1: Test & Hook

Place the command hooks above your window. Ensure they are in line with each other and use a string line to test the level.

Step 2: Put In Place

Place them on your walls and press down hard holding the hook in place for up to 30 seconds, so they have adhered securely.

Step 3: Waiting Game

Leave the hooks for 24 hours to allow the glue to dry, and then superglue the magnets onto the command hooks and leave this to dry.

Step 4: Hang in Place

Place the metal curtain rod on the magnets and hang your curtains to the desired length. Get a second set of eyes to check the finished product.

  • This is probably the easiest method to hang your curtains
  • No tools or heavy-duty drilling is involved in the process
  • Any equipment needed can be found at your local DIY store 
  • You will need to wait 24 hours before hanging your curtains
  • This method only works with metal-type curtain rods
  • You can only hang lighter designer curtains using this method

4. Twist & Fit Curtain Rods

Twist and fit curtain rods are like tension curtain rods. They are secured across a window frame in the same way.

However, Twist and fit curtain rods are a bit more stylish, as they have the appearance of a hook with a separate rod when, in fact, they are all one piece. 

Step 1:

Measure the opening of the window frame and take the Twist and Fit system out and place your curtains onto the curtain rail as usual.

Step 2:

Then go to your window, and place the Twist and Fit mechanism inside the window frame.

Step 3:

Twist the poles until they are securely in place in the window frame and ensure it fits snugly and does not budge when bumped.

  • Twist and fit systems are very easy to install -no tools
  • These systems come in different sizes and colors
  • Twist and fit systems can hold heavy and light curtains
  • You will need to check and tighten every few months
  • They can loosen a little over time so more maintenance

How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling FAQ.

Now that we have covered the five fuss-free steps you can use to hang up your curtains and the four simple methods you can choose from.

We can answer a few more frequently asked questions that pop up around this topic. 

How To Hang Curtains Without Using A Drilling
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How To Hang Curtains In Awkward Places?

If you have some awkward windows in your home, there are a few ways you can still hang your curtains up easily.

You can use separate rails/rods for each curtain; you could use two separate rods with a corner connecter or skip the curtains altogether and install shutters instead. 

How Can I Hang Curtains Without Drilling The Wall? 

You can use several methods to hang your curtains without drilling into the wall. You can use any of the ways we have explained in this article, as none of them require drilling, or you can try an alternative. 

Some alternative methods to hang curtains without drilling into the wall include using temporary shades, hanging your curtains with Velcro, installing curtain rod brackets, or using a different adhesive curtain hook.

All these methods are easy to install too, and you can find what you need for them at your local DIY store. 

How Much Weight Can Curtain Rods Hold?

Some curtains can be extremely heavy, making you worry if your curtain rods can hold their weight and not break or fall off the wall.

Surprisingly, with standard curtain rods, they can hold a lot of weight. Standard curtain rods can hold up to 20 lbs if needed. 

This will depend on how they are installed and how long the screws are holding them up, but this is a lot of weight.

However, this only applies to standard curtain rods. With most non-drilling alternatives, the weight limit is much lower, sitting at around 7.5 to maybe 10 lbs. 

How Much Weight Can Curtain Rods Hold

Can I Hang Curtains With Command Hooks? 

Yes, you can hang curtains with command hooks. You need to ensure the command hooks you buy can handle the weight of the curtains you want to hang up, as most command hooks have a weight limit. 

Ensure you let the adhesive dry on the wall with the hooks attached for at least 24 hours before hanging your curtains, or the hooks might fall off the wall. 

Curtain Rod Vs. Tension Rod Vs. Track

Curtain rods require rod brackets to be installed if you wish to use them, while a curtain track can be mounted directly to the wall.

Then the tension rod will fit just inside the window frame and hold a rod inside the window frame for the curtain to hang on. 

These curtain hanging methods are different, and they all have their pros and cons, but if you don’t want to damage the wall, then curtain rods or tension rods would be the choice for you. 

The Bottom Line

Not wanting to damage the walls of your home through drilling to hang a few curtains up is a valid argument. Luckily, you don’t need to choose between damaging your walls or hanging your curtains, as you could hang your curtains without drilling if you choose the right method. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Multiple No-Drill Methods: Explore several easy-to-install methods like Command hooks, tension rods, magnetic rods, and Twist and Fit systems, tailored for different curtain weights and window sizes.
  • Preparation is Key: Ensure accurate measurements and clean installation surfaces to guarantee that the chosen method holds the curtains securely and aligns well with the window frame.
  • Preserving Wall Integrity: These methods provide effective solutions for hanging curtains without causing wall damage, ideal for renters or anyone looking to maintain their wall’s condition.

The methods mentioned in this article are perfect options for you, as they will not damage your walls in any way, but you can still hang your beautiful curtains up and make your house feel like home. Good luck hanging your curtains!