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Milwaukee 2406-22 Impact Driver Review

Quick Overview





  • Compact & well balanced 
  • High torque & power for 12V driver
  • High-quality materials, very durable
  • A fast-charging and long-lasting battery


  • A bit pricey

cordless impact driver is an essential assist to have in your power tool arsenal purely due to the amount of time you'll save utilizing it.

A quality impact driver can make even the most difficult of tasks a great deal easier. Although using an electric drill is very similar and can be a good substitution at times, an impact driver is still the best way to go. 

Why is an impact driver the preferred choice? Because the functionally and compact design of an impact driver provides a dramatic increase in efficiency, boosting your overall productivity. 

That is why today, we'll be reviewing one of the best impact drivers on the market, manufactured by a brand that is renowned for producing outstanding power tools, Milwaukee Tools.

So let’s see what Milwaukee 2406-22 M12 1/4 2 Speed Driver Kit has to offer.

Milwaukee 2406-22 M12 1/4 2 Speed Driver Kit

Apart from Milwaukee's signature cool looking red and black design, the first thing you'll notice about the 2406-22 is the torque and power it produces.

It uses a two-speed brush motor that has the same power capacity and performance as their 3/8-inch drills, which is super impressive for compact impact driver. With this power tool, tightening bolts or sinking screws into metal materials will be a walk in the park. 

While you can purchase the 2406-22 as a bare tool, the Milwaukee 2406-22 M12 1/4 2 Speed Driver Kit comes with everything you need to get started. The new protective hard case it comes in is an improvement of it's predecessors, as the carry bags Milwaukee previously utilized, didn't offer the same level of protection or security. 

Milwaukee 2406-22 M12 14 2 Speed Driver Kit Review

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Who is this product for?

If you plan on assembling a basic bedside table from IKEA, a simple screwdriver might do the job. It is much cheaper and will be more than capable of assisting with constructing relatively simple DIY jobs. 

On the other hand, if you are a carpenter, electrician, HVAC technician, or plumber, for example, and if work involves fastening or fixing components and materials to solid surfaces, an impact driver like the Milwaukee 2406-22 will be your new best friend.

If you value your time and are interested in maximizing your productivity, you really can't overlook just how precious and beneficial an impact driver can be to completing a task efficiently.

Depending on the frequency in which you use an impact driver, they are pretty affordable and provide similar benefits to a cordless drill, minus the additional weight and bulk.

What’s included?

Besides an impact driver itself, you will also get an M12 Redlithium battery, a fast charger, and a very nice and robust hard carry case.

Overview of features

The Milwaukee 2406-22 impact driver can deliver up to 275 in. lbs pounds of torque employing a two-speed gearbox with up to 18 clutch settings, which is incredibly impressive for such a compact tool.

Speaking of how compact the Milwaukee 2406-22 is, the one thing you'll notice about this impact driver is its ergonomic design that provides and a great degree of comfort. While comfort might be an afterthought for most people considering purchasing an impact driver, it should really be of the utmost importance when considering purchasing any power tool. 

Apart from the level of comfort the Milwaukee 2406-22 harnesses, you'll also be pleasantly surprised with the impact drivers weight as it weighs a mere 1.8 lbs, yet feels extremely stout in your hand.

Milwaukee tools M12 Redlithium battery powers the 2406-22 impact driver and takes around 25 minutes to complete a full charge. This super-fast charging system will surely get you out of trouble in a timely fashion if you've forgotten to rotate your batteries. 

It is also equipped with a ¼ inch quick-change hex chuck that will fit any hex bits universally. So if you're upgrading from a different brand or model, you can still make use of what you have. 

This impact driver also has a super bright LED light system, so you can effortlessly screw and drill materials, even in darker, hard-to-reach spots.

The tool is made of durable, high-quality materials that you'd expect from Milwaukee tools, which are created to be able to take a knock and still perform, with no troubles.

An excellent bonus is that this impact driver kit comes with a 5-year warranty if you run into any issues with the tool. Also, if you are just not satisfied with the product, within 30 days, once you receive it, you can ask for a refund.

Milwaukee 2406-22 M12 14 2 Speed Driver Kit Review Overview and Features

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How to use it?

An impact driver really is a straightforward, no-nonsense power tool to use. You simply adjust your clutch setting for the task, insert the necessary bit into the chuck, press the device tightly on the screw or nut, and then pull the trigger.

You're now an expert when it comes to wielding an impact driver and will be able to make short work of jobs that would be cumbersome without. Although if you're wondering if an impact driver is the right power tool for you and whether an impact driver is worth it, we can provide some further insight into that subject matter with our in-depth analysis of that query we recently conducted. 


If you are, for any reason, not satisfied with the Milwaukee 2406-22 M12 1/4 2 Speed Driver Kit, there are also a few other excellent alternatives available. 

The Bosch 12-Volt Max EC Brushless Impact Driver Kit is up there with some of the top 12-volt impact drivers and is manufactured by the well-renowned household name, Bosch. When you possess the amount respect and recognition in the tool industry as Bosch does, you can rest assured that this compact 12-volt impact driver will live up to the hype. 

This impact driver is an excellent power tool that provides a high-impact rate and comes with a speedy 12-volt charger. Its battery can be charged in around 30 mins, which is a slight increase compared to the 2406-22, but still fantastic.

In Conclusion

Do you actually need an impact driver? If your daily job requires you to rapidly secure and fasten materials and components at a consistent pace, then you definitely need an impact driver. It can save you a substantial amount of time, and once you've owned one, you'd really won't be able to work effectively without one. 

A high-quality impact driver doesn’t cost a significant amount of money. That said, the portability and sheer convenience that comes with owning an impact driver like the Milwaukee 2406, far outweigh the initial financial cost. 

If you don’t like this impact driver for any reason, be sure to check out our alternatives. Also, note that no matter which impact driver you do decide on, you certainly come to depend on your handy new impact driver, and will be amazed by how easy those repetitive and somewhat monotonous tasks will become. 

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