You’ve landed on The Tool Scout’s HVAC equipment category page! Here, you’ll find various HVAC tool reviews and resources to help you with all your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) repair needs.

Whether you’re a professional HVAC technician or a DIY enthusiast looking to fix issues with your home HVAC system, we’ll give you the basic quick fixes to potentially avoid calling in the pros.

One of the most important tools for HVAC work is a digital multimeter. This versatile device allows you to measure voltage, resistance, and continuity, making it essential for diagnosing issues with your HVAC system.

We’ll also provide recommendations on the following essential HVAC tools:

HVAC gauges
Leak detector
Vacuum pump
Recovery unit

We analyzed and can recommend a host of digital multimeters from top brands like Fluke and Klein Tools, so you’ll be able to find the one that best suits your needs.


Air Conditioner Compressor 101: Ultimate Guide

Air Conditioner Compressor 101: Ultimate Guide

There are a number of different air conditioner compressor types found in an array of air conditioning systems from varying HVAC brands on the market. Certain manufacturers will make use of dissimilar compressors depending on their own specifications, and each compressor will function uniquely mechanically. That said, any air conditioner compressor utilized within an air…

Best Ac Vacuum Pump For The Money

Best AC Vacuum Pump for the Money

Air and moisture are both mortal enemies to all air conditioning units. So when you’re conducting any repair works, you need a quality vacuum pump to ensure such contaminants are removed entirely. So, how do you narrow down your options to find the best HVAC vacuum for you with so many options out there? Simple!…

Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine For Hvac

Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine for HVAC

After researching the features and recovery rates of all the refrigerant recovery machines available, we narrowed our search down to the following five machines. While they all offer sufficient speed, durability, versatility, and performance under pressure, which one is the best recovery unit available? Comparison Chart Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine Reviews 1. Fieldpiece MR45 Twin Cylinder…

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