What Is A Hybrid Table Saw

What Is A Hybrid Table Saw?

If you work in the carpentry trade or are looking to complete some serious woodwork projects at home, a hybrid table saw could be a fantastic addition to your kit.

Hybrid table saws work similarly to some other table saws on the market however they have a list of advantages that make them stand out from the rest.

If this sparks your interest, why not keep reading to find out more about the features of hybrid table saws?

How Do Hybrid Table Saws Work?

Many people do opt for a hybrid table saw and this is due to the way that they operate.

During the design process of this saw, you can tell that the manufacturers have thought about how other saws work.

They have taken a look at how cabinet and contractor saws operate and incorporated the best features into this product. 

Along with including these features, they have thought about how they can improve the product even further. They have added many different advantageous features to the hybrid table saw. It is one of the best saws around. 

You may be thinking that this saw is what you need in your kit. You also may be wondering how it works.

That’s where we come in to lend a helping hand! When you switch on a hybrid table saw, the electricity allows the blade to slice the desired piece of wood. 

It is important to ensure that you have properly marked on your wood where you want the cut to be so you don’t waste any material.

One of the best things about a hybrid table saw is that they collect the sawdust.

That means there is less time spent tidying up after a day at work. 

Advantages of Hybrid Table Saws

We’ve lightly touched on the dust-collecting feature of hybrid table saws, however, there are so many more advantages.

We’re going to give you a rundown on some of the best things about hybrid table saws. 

Lighter in Weight

Many contractors will opt to purchase a hybrid table saw for this feature. The lighter weight that this type of saw offers makes it a lot more portable than other models.

There is nothing worse than dragging around heavy construction equipment when you’re on the job. 

Make life easier for you by including a hybrid table saw in your tool kit. This lighter saw makes it easy to move around to different areas where you’re working.

It also means that you won’t struggle with adjusting the position of the saw if you have an intricate cut coming up.

Improved Cutting Technique

Speaking of cutting, a hybrid table saw has a precise and smooth cutting technique.

It has taken note of the cutting techniques of both the cabinet and contractor saws to put together a cut that will not disappoint. 

It can sometimes be hard to get such an accurate cut when using a portable tabletop saw. A hybrid table saw allows for perfect cuts if you use it effectively.

Due to this smooth technique, you will also not be let down by the blades included in many of the hybrid table saw products. 

Less Power Needed

Using electrical equipment can use up your power quickly. If you are doing extensive work on your home, you want to make sure that the tools that you use are as energy-efficient as possible.

Hybrid table saws need a maximum of two horsepower to power on their motors. This is a huge difference when you compare it to a cabinet saw which relies on up to five horsepower.

Just because this saw requires less horsepower, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch. 

Dust Collector

If you have worked with wood before, then you know the pain of the cleanup afterward.

It genuinely doesn’t feel like you’re producing that much mess during your cutting until you’ve finished and looked around you. 

The beauty of a hybrid table saw is that it has a dust-collecting feature built in. 

Like cabinet saws, they have a compartment attached to them that collects the sawdust as you saw away. This feature is handy if you will be mainly working indoors with your table saw.

It will save you time and effort! Just remember to empty the compartment when you are finished.

Smaller in Size

Another great feature of hybrid table saws is their size.

Simply put, hybrid table saws are a lot smaller in comparison to both cabinet table saws and contractor saws. This is good for two reasons. First, it helps the user move the saw around.

Secondly, it is easier to store. Big cabinet saws can be off-putting to some if you don’t have a workshop or large van to store them away.

Hybrid table saws are much more compact meaning that they won’t take up too much space when you are storing them away after use.

Lower on Price

If you’ve looked to buy a tabletop saw before, you will know how quickly those prices can shoot up. Saws such as cabinet or contractor saws can range from $500 to the $1000 mark. 

Thankfully, as hybrid table saws are a smaller and more convenient sized piece of kit, you can get some good models for less than $500.

It is still a big sum of money but it is well worth the investment if you are serious about woodworking and want to make a career out of it.

Comparison to Other Saws

Throughout this article, we have referred back to other models such as cabinet and contractor saws. This is mainly because these three types of tabletop saws are the most popular on the market. 

Each saw is unique in its own right. If you have read this article and have thought maybe a hybrid table saw isn’t for you.

Maybe a cabinet or contractor saw would be more appealing? To help you decide which saw may be the right fit for you, we’ll briefly touch on how the other two types differ.

Contractor Table Saw

As the name would suggest, this saw is suitable for contractors. This means that it is a way more portable option in comparison to the cabinet saw above.

The contractor saw is perfect to pop in your work van and take with you to different job sites. 

Contractor saws are lighter and smaller in size than cabinet saws. The inner workings of the motor are less heavy duty so the quality of the work is reduced slightly.

Some people may be put off by this feature and be more inclined to purchase the hybrid table saw instead. 

It takes around one to two horsepower to get going so that is something to keep in mind before purchasing. This is a great on-the-go tabletop saw.

Cabinet Saw

If you have a lot of money to spend, you should consider treating yourself to a cabinet saw. This type of saw is a large piece of equipment that is certainly reflected in its price.

The main thing that makes this saw larger than the others is the cabinet that is placed underneath the saw. 

This cabinet houses the motor and gears. It takes up to five horsepower to get this saw up and running so the cabinet hiding away the technical bits makes it a much tidier piece of equipment. 

Unlike the hybrid table saw, this is a large and heavy saw. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to be moving this around too much. It is more suited for a professional woodworking workshop environment.

Cabinet Saw Vs Hybrid Saw

In Conclusion 

Hybrid table saws are a fantastic addition to your tool kit. Not only are they super portable but they also provide accurate cuts whilst also keeping your workspace clean and tidy.

A huge advantage of the hybrid table saw has to be the dust collector.

All you need to do is ensure that you are emptying the dust collector at the end of each use. This will maintain your saw to its fullest potential whilst also saving you time!

Remember, if this saw doesn’t seem like the right fit for you and your work, then there are other options out there.