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Wood Burning Ideas to Craft And Sell

If you want to create DIY crafts that you can sell and earn money, here are 26 inspiring wood burning ideas such as wood burned coasters, cutting boards, ornaments, serving trays, cake stands, jewelry boxes, wooden earrings, and more that are sure to set your creative spark ablaze and cash register ringing.

Pyrography or wood burning is a DIY crafting art that involves burning designs onto a wooden surface with a hot burning tool.

You can use wood burning to add decorative touches to everyday wooden objects such as home décor, kitchenware, dinnerware, etc., making them more exciting and unique. You can sell these and make money too.

But if you’re confused about what wood-burned items will sell the most, we have compiled a list of 26 great wood burning ideas that you can create, sell and make money.

26 Inspiring Wood Burning Ideas

Looking for unique and inspiring wood burning ideas? Check out our selection of beautiful wood burning projects to add a touch of personality to your home decor.

From rustic signs to intricate designs, there’s something for every skill level and style preference.

1 | Coasters

You can decorate a simple wooden coaster with a design, image, or message that you like and create a unique set of coasters. You can use the coasters to place your beverages and as beautiful decorative pieces.

Personalized wooden coasters are not only very simple to make but make great gifts. These make great gifts and add a rustic touch to any decor. Give it a try and add a handmade touch to your tabletop. And, you can also sell them and make money too.

Wood Burning Coaster

2 | Trivets

DIY wood-burned trivets are an excellent way to smarten up your kitchen table. You can buy a set of blank wooden trivets for wood burning, which you can find online or at a home store.

You can then burn unique designs on the trivets or customize them by adding the names of the family members or last names.

Once they are done, you’ll have a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind personalized trivet set that your customers will be clamoring to get their hands on.

Wood Burning Trivet

3 | Utensils

You can use wood burning to completely transform the simple and plain wooden utensils in your kitchen into something eye-catching and unique that would look great when displayed in a holder.

You can use patterns that are readily available, or you can create your own DIY wood burning design to create incredible utensils.

You can burn something simple such as your initials, small flowers, dot features or flourishes, or try your hand at doing more intricate patterns on the utensils.

Wood Burning Utensils

4 | Cutting Board

Cutting boards are functional, practical everyday items that you can find in all homes. But now, you can create beautiful designs on these simple, straightforward wooden cutting boards with your wood burning skills and give them a complete makeover.

You can wood burn a design, name, monogram, or initials in the center and add a pretty decorative edge to the board. Or you can also print a cute phrase or a quote.

You can use this lovely cutting board as a trivet, put it up on your kitchen wall as a decorative piece or use it as a cheese board. Great to give as a gift for a housewarming party, this wood-burned decorated cutting board is a great piece to sell.

Wooden Cutting Board With Wood Burning

5 | Letter Art

Letters cut out from wood, forming a message is a friendly, innovative wall art that will look great on any wall of your home. First, trace out your patterns on the wooden letters and then burn the design into the word using the burning tool.

And when they are placed next to one another, the letters will form the complete message; an effortless DIY burning project to undertake, you can make decorative pieces for different rooms with different phrases.

For instance, for the bedroom, you could have the message “Sweet Dreams”, while the one in your dining room can say “Bon Appetit!”

Wood Burning Letter Art

6 | Ornaments

Ornaments made with wood burning make great rustic home décor items and can give your holiday decorations a unique twist.

You can make your ornaments extra special by wood burning them with festive motifs and images or customize them according to your customer’s requirements, such as their names, initials, or family portraits.

You can make wood-burned Christmas ornaments that will look cool on the Christmas tree, and you can also make personalized ornaments for other times of the year or special occasions. You can sell them as a pack of 4, which people can use for gifting.

Wood Burned Christmas Ornament

7 | Serving Tray

Perfect to use at home to serve your guests or as a great housewarming or wedding gift, a tray with wood burning is a fantastic idea. You can either buy a readymade plain wooden tray for this purpose or you can easily make one.

You can then burn words like “Cheers!”, or “Bon Appetit” or any other message you want, names, last names, etc., and decorate the tray with tiny flowers, swirls, or something else that you like.

If you’re planning to sell the tray, then you can customize the message or patterns according to your customer’s preferences.

Wood Burned Serving Tray

8 | Birch Vases

If you are on the lookout for a unique decorative piece for a particular corner of your living room or want a pleasant gift to give to a dear friend, then a birch vase with cool wood-burned art is a great option.

You can buy a lovely, inexpensive vase made of birch bark online or at a store. Find a design, pattern, or image you like and trace it on the vase. Using the wood burning tool, slowly engrave the design on the vase.

Voila! you have a gorgeous vase ready to be the centerpiece of your living room. And, if you want to earn some money, then you can quickly sell your wood-burned birch vase online on a crafts site.

Wood Burned Birch Vase

9 | Leaf Magnets

Fridge magnets are fantastic decorative pieces and also make great gifts for friends. They are also cool items that people will readily buy. You can use your DIY wood burning skills to create some beautiful leaf magnets.

You can trace images of different types of leaves on small pieces of wood and engrave them on the wood with your wood burner. You can sell sets of 4 cute mini leaf magnets that people will surely love to get their hands on.

Wood Burned Leaf Magnets

10 | Wooden Pencils

Wooden pencils are appealing to draw and write with, but you can make them extra special by wood burning beautiful and intricate designs.

But wood burning on pencils can be a bit fiddly and time-consuming because the pencil’s surface area is relatively small, so you’ll have to do it delicately with more care. Try to get thicker pencils, as this can give you more area to work on.

Once you have your pencils, use the wood burning tool to burn patterns you like freehand. And, once you’re done, you’ll have a set of gorgeous and creative pencils that you’ll love to use all the time.

Wood Burned Wooden Pencils

11 | Wall Art

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, creating wall art using wood burning is a very simple and quick task. All you need is a wooden board of any shape of your choice. Choose a design that you like and trace the image on the surface using carbon paper.

You can either do a freehand drawing or use a stencil for a neater look. Then utilizing a wood burning tool, trace the design neatly. Once done, you can shade the image as you want.

Then, apply a wood finish to the wall art and wait for it to dry. Your wall art is ready to be hung in any room of your home or shipped to your customer.

Wood Burned Wall Art

12 | Picture Frame

Bored with the regular photo frames available on the market? Now, you can make your own unique, cool wooden photo frames.

Plus, you can make them truly unique by burning patterns on the frame or adding a message or your favorite quote to the frame to make it personalized.

If you’re selling picture frames, you can also customize the wood burning according to your customer’s requirements, such as wedding dates, vacation locations, names, quotes, or messages.

Wood Burned Picture Frame

13 | Wood Boxes

Add a touch of inspiration to your home with our wood burned wooden box. Perfect for storing small trinkets or as a decorative piece, this box is hand-crafted and features an uplifting message to remind you of your strength and potential.

If you want a one-of-a-kind tissue box, then you can create a unique one by wood burning some cool designs on all four faces of the box.

Just place a box of pull-out tissues inside the wooden box, and you have a lovely tissue holder all ready to wow your guests. And, once all the tissues have been used up, you can conveniently replace the box of tissues.

Wood Burned Wooden Box

14 | Wooden Spoons

Using the wood burning technique, you can now give your simple old wooden spoons in your kitchen a complete makeover. You can either wood burn names or initials, small flowers, or flourishes on the wooden handle because there is not much space.

Or, you can decorate the bowl of the spoon with larger patterns or drawings. Freehand drawings or stencils work best on wooden spoons as the surface area is very small, and make sure that you do the wood burning with a very light hand.

And, If you plan to sell your DIY wooden spoons with wood burning, you can buy standard wooden spoons, decorate them with a design or pattern, and sell them at a profit.

Wood Burned Wooden Spoons

15 | Knife Handles

Knives are typical household articles, and the knife handles are great for trying your hand at wood burning. You can decorate the knife handles with small patterns like stars, flowers, swirls, or dots to make them look like works of art and make your knives out of the ordinary.

And, if you want to sell your knife creations and earn some money, you can buy inexpensive knives with plain wooden handles and use wood burning to decorate them.

You could also offer to personalize the knives for your customers by wood burning the patterns that they want or engraving their names or initials on the handles.

Wood Burned Knife Handle

16 | Custom Guitar

If you’re a musician and love your guitar, then you’re sure to love to play an instrument that is truly one-of-a-kind. You can try your art on the guitar with a large surface area.

But since your guitar is your prized possession, it may be a good idea to do several trial wood burning projects before attempting to create art on your guitar.

Choose a design or image that you like and trace the image onto your guitar using a sheet of carbon paper. Then, using your wood burning pen, carefully trace all the lines of the design neatly.

Once done, your artsy wood-burned guitar is sure to be the envy of all your fellow musicians.

Wood Burned Custom Guitar

17 | Cabin Signs

Wood signs are used practically everywhere, and if you want to specialize in making and selling unique wood cabin signs, then you can do it and even make a profit selling them.

You can buy 18”x6” or 24”x6” unfinished wood slabs or plain wooden palettes online or at your local home store.

You can then wood burn “welcome” or names, numbers, a funny quote or a picture and add an excellent decorative swirl design around it. You can also customize the message according to what your customer wants.

Wood Burned Cabin Sign

18 | Wall Clock

Using wood burning, you can completely transform your boring old clock into a show-stopping centerpiece. You can wood burn decorative elements onto the clock face or customize it with quotes, messages, or pictures.

A clock with wood burning can be a lovely piece that would look great in any room of your home. It can also make a beautiful gift for a special occasion.

Wood Burned Painting Wall Clock

19 | Coffee Table

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your home decor, a DIY wood burned coffee table is the perfect project. It is a fun and creative activity and allows you to customize your furniture to fit your unique style.

You’ll need a coffee table, wood burning tool, and your desired design to get started. First, sketch out your design on the surface of the table. Next, carefully trace over the lines with the wood burning tool, being sure to follow the grain of the wood.

Finish off the project with a coat of sealant to protect your artwork. The end result is a one-of-a-kind piece that will be a conversation starter in any room.

Wood Burned Coffee Table

20 | Jewelry Box

Using wood burning, you can make a wooden trinket or a jewelry box stand out. Take a plain wood box and trace the design you want on the box’s top and sides. You can either do freehand drawings or use a stencil to create them.

You can either burn the initials or name of the person on the box and embellish the box with other decorations like swirls, flowers, hearts, etc. You can also use shading to highlight the designs and give them a nice textured look.

Add a felt lining inside the box, which will help to keep your precious jewelry safe. Kept on the dresser, the wood-burned jewelry box is sure to look lovely.

Wood Burned Jewelry Box

21 | Wooden Toolbox

Wooden toolboxes are a classic addition to any workshop or garage. Not only do they provide a convenient place to store and organize your tools, but they also add a touch of rustic charm to your space.

One way to add even more character to your wooden toolbox is by using wood burning techniques to create intricate designs and patterns on its surface. This ancient art form, also known as pyrography, allows you to create truly unique and personalized pieces.

Whether you’re a seasoned wood burner or just starting out, adding wood burning to your wooden toolbox is a fun and rewarding project that is sure to impress.

Wood Burned Wooden Toolbox

22 | Rifle Stock

As a hunter, your rifle is more than just a tool – it’s a prized possession that you’ve likely spent countless hours using in the field. And while any rifle is valuable in its own right, why not take the opportunity to make your rifle genuinely one-of-a-kind with the ancient art of wood burning?

Whether you choose to etch the owner’s name or initials onto the stock with stunning calligraphy or opt to add a small, intricate design such as an animal or bird, the possibilities are endless.

Not only will wood burning make your rifle even more valuable, but it will also turn it into a cherished keepsake that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Wood Burned Rifle Stock

23 | Wooden Tankard Mug

If you’re on the hunt for a gift that’s sure to impress the beer enthusiast in your life, look no further than a wooden beer tankard adorned with wood burning artwork. Not only is this mug the perfect addition to any home bar, but it also makes for a thoughtful housewarming or holiday gift.

You can purchase a set of wooden mugs either at your local store or online. Using wood burning, you can create images and drawings or engrave the names or initials on the mugs with other decorative elements and make them unique.

And when your recipient is raising a toast to your craftsmanship, they’ll be able to do so with a drink that’s as unique as they are. So why wait? Break out the wood burning tools and get to work – your thirst-quenching reward is just a sip away.

Wood Burned Wooden Tankard Mug

24 | Wooden Earrings

Who doesn’t like cute little wooden earrings? And if they are stylish, they will surely sell super quickly. Plus, if you’re a manly being seeking a rustic gift to showcase your rugged personality, this is it!

Very simple to make, wood-burned earrings are a great way to display your creativity. And you can make quite a few very quickly depending on the size, detail, and skill level.

Wooden earrings are incredibly lightweight and when you use wood burning techniques to create unique and creative patterns and designs. Your wood-burned earrings are sure to be hot favorites wherever they’re being sold.

Wooden Earrings With Wood Burning

25 | Decorative Buttons

If you want your new outfit to be a showstopper, then sewing wood-burned decorative buttons can guarantee that. Wood-burned buttons are very easy and quick to make. Buy plain wood buttons from the local crafts store or online.

With your wood burning pen, burn patterns or designs that you like on the buttons. You can add delicate shading to highlight your art.

You can also customize wooden buttons for your customers by wood burning the patterns they like or their names, initials, etc.

Wooden Buttons With Wood Burning

26 | Wooden Name Plate

Wooden nameplates with the name(s) wood burned artistically can look really cool when placed on any wall or door. Wood-burned nameplates are extremely easy to make. All you need is scrap wood pieces, a stencil, and your wood burning pen.

Choose a design and transfer the stencil to the wood using carbon paper. Once you have the design all traced out, using your wood burning pen, carefully burn the design into the wood.

Then, sand the wood, stain it, and varnish it. Once dry, the lovely wood-burned wooden name plate is ready to be shipped to your buyer.

Wooden Name Plate With Wood Burning

Wood Burning Ideas FAQ.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned wood burner, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to spark your creativity.

But if you’re new to wood burning and have more questions than answers, continue reading to expand your wood burning knowledge further.

How to Transfer Wood Burning Patterns?

To transfer wood burning patterns, start by printing out or drawing your desired design onto paper. Next, place the paper onto your wood surface and secure it with tape.

Using a pencil, trace over the lines of the design, pressing firmly to transfer the graphite onto the wood. Once the design has been transferred, remove the paper and begin wood burning along the traced lines.

Keep in mind to use a light touch and slow speed for the best results. With a little practice, transferring wood burning patterns will become a breeze.

How to Add Color to Wood Burning Projects?

If you want to add some color to your wood burning projects, there are a few easy ways to do it. One option is to use colored pencils or markers to add details or shading after the wood burning is complete.

You can also try using watercolor paints or ink washes to add more vibrant colors to your project. Another option is to use wood burning pens with interchangeable tips, some specifically designed to add color to wood burning projects.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to let the wood burning cool entirely before adding any color to avoid damaging your project.

How to Change Tips on Wood Burning Tool?

To change the tip of the wood burning tool, first, let the pen cool down naturally. Avoid changing the tip when it is hot, as this can damage the threads and the tool.

Unscrew the tip using pliers and place it aside.

Choose a new tip and screw the tip into the pen with the pliers. Make sure to unscrew and screw the tips carefully; otherwise, the threads can get damaged.

The Bottom Line

Wood-burned items are very popular. This art can completely transform mundane everyday items, such as wooden spoons, coasters, jewelry boxes, and even a wooden bed frame.

Wood-burned items are in great demand and can be sold online, in craft stores, craft fairs, and other places.

And, if you’re planning to turn your wood burning hobby into something more lucrative, then we hope with the ideas that we have discussed in the article, you can create some amazing items and sell them for a tidy profit.