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Hello! Welcome to The Tool Scout. You will find reviews, advice, and other information for all your home improvement project needs here. From small home improvements to major construction efforts, you need to put thought into all the projects you take on – and put thought into all the tools you add to your toolbox.

Our team of professionals at The Tool Scout has dedicated a lifelong pursuit of excellence in our individual fields. When you visit The Tool Scout, you benefit from decades of experience and expertise, allowing you to expand your knowledge of DIY and woodworking skills.

If you are like us, you want to know exactly what you are getting into before you pick up a tool or layout your fasteners. You want to feel informed going into your projects, like the work itself is a formality – because of all the effort that you have put into your education and preparations.

We have also seen tools that even many experts have never heard of, holding them in my hands and seeing what works best in every situation. The more complex a job is, the more certain you need to be about the tools you intend to use.

That’s where our team at The Tool Scout comes in, offering expert how-to DIY advice to others in need, we strive for clarity at all times, and it is always our number one priority to set you up for success. Anyone who has spent as much time as we have around tools (and around tradesmen and the construction industry) can confirm that for you.

Our Background

As professional contractors, it’s often said that you need “the right tools for the right job.” This is a phrase that has taken on multiple meanings, describing our abstract capabilities as well as the real-world, in-hand tools that we use for our projects, for building things and improving them. 

If you’d like to make contact with any of our team members, you can drop us an email via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you in a timely fashion.

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We’re a small team of professionals who built The Tool Scout as a side hustle in our spare time to now what is a brand name
and reputable business that services hundreds of thousands of loyal readers.

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Meet the minds that craft the content that over 100,000 DIY enthusiasts read on a daily basis. Having skin in the game
allows us to pass on our valued experience and expertise with confidence.

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We’ve Built Solid Relationships With Some of the Most Popular Brands in the World

Forming meaningful relationships with other industry leaders is paramount for any established business if lasting success is your goal.

That is why we’ve always been willing to connect with other brands in our industry, and we’ve made a serious commitment to that since our inception.