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Tool Reviews

See some of the best tools and equipment
that we’ve put to the test.

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How-To Guides

Learn how to do just about anything DIY-related and level up your skills.

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Home Improvement

Get professional advice on ways to enhance your home from industry experts.

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Check out our most popular posts that help hundreds of thousands of readers expand their DIY knowledge
base via our online home improvement resource.

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Get the latest from those in the know as we cover all your home improvement product and tool needs
while keeping you up to date with a heap of helpful DIY tactics.

You Can Trust The Professionals

With over 60 years of industry experience from several dual-trade experts, our team of professional
contractors and engineers aim to enhance your DIY skills while sharing our thrust for knowledge.

Want You Need to Succeed

We Get Straight to the Point and Cut Through the Clutter

How-To Guides

If you’re looking for trustworthy information so you can tackle a remodeling job or some fault-finding tips for a problematic air conditioner, we’ve got you covered.

Our user-friendly guides are here to assist you with mastering just about anything DIY-related.

Create Incredible Projects

We’ll break down the basic principles of woodworking and provide further in-depth analysis of what tools and equipment you’ll need to excel as a craftsman. 

Get into the thick of things and enhance your woodworking skills with our rich informational resource.

True Craftsmanship Is a Skill

Knowing What Tools and Equipment You’ll Need Is Half the Battle

We Test & Review The Very Best

Our many successes and failures through trial & error will allow you to make informed decisions when either selecting the required tool for the necessary task or hiring the ideal equipment for the most difficult of jobs.

How We Construct Our Comprehensive Reviews

We’re in the trenches—enabling us to constructively test products and consult with brands about what makes their products unique. With literally decades of experience manhandling various power tools and equipment, our team turns our findings into valuable information you can use.

  • We review every product and service meticulously
  • Countless hours getting answers from big brands
  • In-depth research with days of research and field testing
  • Our industry contacts allow us to leave no stone unturned
  • Putting these products to the test on projects ourselves
  • Get advice from the pros with construction experience
We Go Deep…

Putting Products To The Test

Your Problem

Whether your conundrum is choosing between a tool you require for an upcoming
project or ditching the DIY approach for a professional contractor,
we’ll happily point you in the right direction.

Our Solution

We’ve orchestrated hundreds of benefit-driven product reviews. We’re determined to deliver actionable DIY information and facilitate service solutions for those seeking professional contractors.

We Deliver Value, Not Junk!

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We’ve orchestrated hundreds of benefit-driven product reviews, and delivered countless home improvement tips
to readers. Hence the reason why we’ve been featured by some of the biggest brands in the space.