Does Aluminum Rust Or Corrode?

Does Aluminum Rust or Corrode?

Unlike steel and iron, aluminum doesn’t rust—it corrodes. The corrosion can be in different forms, such as atmospheric, stress cracking, pitting, general, galvanic, erosion, exfoliation, and deposition. Such corrosion can be prevented with surface treatments such as anodizing, painting, and coating with certain metals. Given that aluminum is metal, it can be confusing to figure…

How To Raise Concrete Slab With Foam Using A Slab Jack

How to Raise Concrete Slab With Foam Using a Slab Jack

When your concrete slab begins sinking or dipping inward on one side, an improper installation process or poor foundation may have likely caused the problem. Whether your contractor failed to compact the fill dirt correctly or environmental changes resulted in eroding soil, your sidewalk or driveway can’t maintain its flat, level surface. Luckily, most homeowners…

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