Privacy Fence Ideas

Privacy Fence Ideas to Transform Your Yard

Tired of prying eyes invading your outdoor sanctuary? Want to know how to shield your front or backyard in style?

24/01/2024 – Update

In a Nutshell:

For optimal backyard seclusion, consider a horizontal slat fence to offer a modern look with effective privacy, especially with minimal gaps between slats. Lattice-top wood fences provide heightened privacy with attractive design elements, perfect for adding a decorative touch. For absolute seclusion, shadowbox fences with overlapping panels are ideal. Brick walls deliver unmatched privacy and noise reduction, albeit at a higher cost. For a more natural approach, tall cedarwood fences blend durability with aesthetic appeal. Each option balances privacy, style, and budget, ensuring your backyard remains your private retreat.

Backyard Privacy Fence Ideas

1 | White Picket Fence

The original American dream was to have a beautiful family and a lovely house surrounded by a white picket fence. If you share this dream, you can pick from a wide selection of white picket fence styles.

Most picket fences are three to four feet tall and have a charming aesthetic. Pricier versions of the fence are wooden, while less costly versions are vinyl. If you choose a wood or vinyl picket fence, it will still cost less than most other fence types, especially metal and brick fences. The wallet-friendliness of this fence idea makes it a cost-effective choice for fencing your entire yard.

While white picket fencing has undeniable curb appeal, its low height and spaced slats don’t deliver optimal privacy. But, you can make your garden or backyard more private by covering a picket fence with trees or shrubs.


  • The perfect low-cost front yard fence
  • Super attractive & aesthetically pleasing
  • Heaps of customizable fence options
  • Environmentally-friendly considerations


  • It will likely require frequent maintenance
  • White paint will need a little more upkeep
White Picket Fence
Image: Finding Pretty Places

2 | PVC Vinyl Fencing

PVC vinyl fencing offers the quaintness of picket fences. It should provide better privacy since, unlike regular picket fences, PVC vinyl privacy fences don’t have spaces between the fence posts.

However, since the fence is only three to five feet high, a passerby of average height can look over it, so it doesn’t really create privacy. While PVC vinyl looks a lot like wood fencing, it does cost slightly more in contrast. 

The higher price is worthwhile because PVC fencing requires less maintenance and can last longer than wooden fences. Also, you don’t have to worry about termite infestations or wood rot, and you can paint the fence any color to boost the aesthetics of your property.


  • Very durable and cheap fence
  • Easily cleaned up and maintain
  • Not very private in comparison
  • Resembles wood, but not quite


  • Brittle in cold weather environments
  • Looks a little more budget than plush
Pvc Vinyl Fencing
Image: All Season Fencing

3 | Horizontal Slat Fence

Horizontal privacy fences are a great idea for properties in rural and urban spaces. They are also an excellent wooden fence idea for securing more ground with fewer fencing materials.

Instead of vertical slats, the fence consists of horizontal boards laid parallel to the ground. The style is subtle and modern, and it’s tall enough to keep trespassers and casual onlookers out of your property.

If you want a horizontal privacy fence that keeps out more prying eyes, get one with the smallest possible space between each horizontal slat. For even more backyard privacy, cover the fence with climbing shrubs.


  • Super unique and modern looking
  • Tall enough to keep out trespassers
  • It will look great in your backward


  • Requires professional installation
  • Higher price maintenance cost
Horizontal Slat Fence
Image: Deep Rootz

4 | Lattice-Top Wood Fence

A lattice-top wood fence offers far more privacy than a picket fence. The wooden fence consists of horizontal boards with no spaces between them. These boards can be stacked six to eight feet tall, which is high enough to keep out nosy neighbors and pedestrians.

For better aesthetics, the wooden fence has a lattice top. You can pick from various lattice styles to compliment the rest of the fence.

However, the fence’s wood material requires frequent maintenance to prevent rot or warping. If you want a lower maintenance option, go for a lattice-top with vinyl fence panels. 


  • Enhances backyard privacy to the max
  • An additional boost to lawn appeal
  • Can be set up and installed very easily


  • Doesn’t have great durability
  • Requires significant maintenance
Lattice-Top Wood Fence
Image: Citadel Fence

5 | Shadowbox Fence

A shadowbox wood fence is an excellent solution if you want a fence that delivers ultimate privacy without compromising aesthetics. The fence consists of alternating fence panels that eliminate the gaps peeping toms can spy through. You can also make the fence as high as you want to keep out nosy neighbors and trespassers.

The fence’s unique style will add to your property’s aesthetics. Depending on your budget, you can opt for vinyl or wooden variations of the fence.

Nevertheless, note that a vertical shadowbox fence is not your only option. If you want a more modern look, go for a horizontal privacy fence that follows the same design of overlapping fence panels.


  • Assures absolute privacy for your yard
  • Is very customizable in terms of height
  • Boosts property value and aesthetics


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Might have some durability issues
Shadowbox Fence
Image: Urban Art

Tall Privacy-Fence Ideas

6 | Brick Wall

A brick wall is a great fence idea if you don’t want to take any chances with security or privacy. As long as there are no restrictive local laws or neighborhood policies, you can make your brick fence tall enough to secure your grounds.

Since the wall will have no spaces, you don’t have to worry about people peeping through cracks or slats. You can get a brick wall in a style that best compliments your property’s aesthetics. For example, you can go for a red brick fence if your building is also red brick. 

Alternatively, inject old-world charm into your property by choosing a stone wall fence. Besides blocking out prying eyes, brick walls can minimize the amount of noise pollution that reaches your building from the streets.


  • Very durable and requires little maintenance
  • Ultimate lawn privacy and security option
  • Availability in various styles and colors


  • Expensive would be an understatement
  • Lead time for construction is lengthy
Privacy Brick Wall
Image: Lucas Firmin Pools

7 | Solid Tiled Wall

If you are unhappy with the look of your existing fence, you can customize it by tiling the entire fence or sections of it.

However, this works best if the existing front- or backyard fence is a brick wall. Alternatively, you could install a new fence and tile it. Tiled fences are gorgeous, and you have several fence designs to choose from, including classic and modern styles.

A tile fence is one of the most durable options for privacy fences, and it requires minimal maintenance. Compared to brick walls, tiled fences offer even better soundproofing. However, note that tiling the fence around your entire yard can be pricey.


  • Very attractive and modern appeal
  • Several fence styles are available
  • Superior privacy with acoustic pros
  • Very minimal maintenance needed


  • Price is a major factor to consider
  • Finding the right pro contractor
Solid Tiled Wall
Image: Camilla Da Costa Carlsen

8 | Vertical Board Fence

If you want to save money by completing your fence project yourself, go for a vertical board fence. The fence consists of pre-built panels that you can easily install to set up your fence.

Unlike most vertical fences, vertical board privacy fences offer better security because people can’t see between the boards.

Wood and vinyl fence options are available, and you can get pre-built panels as high as six to seven feet for optimal privacy. Elevate the look of your front or backyard vertical fence by adding a lattice top, arc, or cap board.


  • Brilliant privacy benefits for properties
  • Cost-effectiveness for securing a large space
  • Ability to paint it any color is a huge plus


  • Regular maintenance will be a requirement
  • Design better suited to cladding homes
Vertical Board Fence
Image: Home Marieke

9 | Cedarwood Fence

If you prefer wood privacy fences, cedarwood is one of the best materials to use. The wood is lightweight yet sturdy. Its lightness makes it easy to install, and cedarwood fence panels perform well in most climates, including dry weather.

However, if you want the wooden fence to be more weather-, pest-, and rot-resistant, you need to treat it regularly. On the upside, cedarwood fences require less maintenance than other wood fence types.

Several cedarwood backyard fence options are available, including vertical and horizontal fence styles. You can also customize cedarwood fences to create your own unique design.


  • Great for DIYers as it’s easy to install
  • Good weatherproof option for dry climates
  • Lightweight and eco-friendly fence option


  • Heavy materials and not very soil-resistant
  • Higher in price than other wood materials
Cedarwood Fence
Image: Zenith Design Build

10 | Pressure-Treated Pine Fence

If you live in a humid area and like wooden fences, go for a fence type made with pressure-treated pine. Unlike cedarwood, pine costs less and is more moisture-resistant. However, in dry or hot weather, the wood may warp, shrink, or crack.

Since pressure-treated wood doesn’t do well in the sun, it’s not ideal for a patio or outdoor furniture.

Although, you can navigate this issue by installing a pressure-treated pine fence around the shadier parts of your property. Alternatively, you can improve the wood’s durability by staining, sealing, and regularly maintaining it.


  • Probably the most affordable fence
  • Very customizable and soil-resistant
  • Ideal for fence posts and large yards


  • Durability concerns based on location
  • Not the most eco-friendly option
Pressure-Treated Pine Fencing
Image: Carterfence

Partial Privacy Fence Ideas

11 | Slatted Wood Fence

A slatted fence can be horizontal or vertical. It consists of wood pickets or planks of the same size placed side-by-side to shield your front- or backyard. You can also use different-sized materials to give the fence a unique look.

Since the fence will have some space between each slat, it doesn’t offer the most privacy in comparison to other privacy fence options. 

That said, you can choose the amount of space between each slat and limit what people can see through your fence. If you like, you can increase your backyard privacy by letting plants grow on or along the fence.


  • Highly customizable privacy fence
  • About as attractive as a fence gets
  • Can be upgraded with lighting flowers


  • Pricey as of the complex installation
  • Requiring frequent maintenance
Slatted Wood Fence
Image: Mashki London

12 | Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is one of the shorter fence options. It typically consists of widely spaced aluminum bars that are three to four feet high. Depending on your preferences, the bars can have a plain or ornate design.

The height and openness of aluminum fences make them less than ideal for homeowners who want optimal privacy.

That being said, if you desire a decorative and highly durable fence for your garden or backyard, aluminum fencing is a great choice. The fence type can last for decades with minimal maintenance.


  • Very durable security fence option
  • Low-maintenance and rust-proof
  • Pretty easy to install and eco-friendly


  • Less privacy than other fences mentioned
  • Not the best privacy fence for older homes
Aluminum Fence
Image: Panidis SA

13 | Wrought Iron Fence

If durability is a major consideration, wrought iron should be at the top of your list. You can get a six-foot wrought iron fence. The taller the fence, the more effective it will be for keeping out trespassers. 

Still, like aluminum fences, wrought iron fencing typically has spaced bars, so it’s not a great fence for boosting backyard privacy.

Wrought iron fences can be pricey, but the price is worthwhile since the fence can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. If you have a custom fence project in mind, you’ll be happy to know that an expert can bend wrought iron into any fence style you like.


  • Beautiful and timeless aesthetics
  • Highly durable rust-proof metal
  • Requires hardly any maintenance


  • Installation takes a quite a while
  • Not the best for backyard privacy
Wrought Iron Fence
Image: SoCal Landscape Design

14 | Trellis Fence Panels

Do you have a beautiful garden or some other appealing landscape that you’d like to flaunt? Well, if that’s the case, you should consider installing a trellis fence to offer a decent degree of privacy, yet still, showcase your beautiful yard.  

A trellis fence can be wood, bamboo, or metal. The fence style is similar to a lattice fence, and it can support climbing plants.

You can install a trellis fence around your grounds and enjoy some privacy if you cover the fence with climbing plants, which will beautify your property. Trellis fences are also suitable for covering smaller outdoor spaces, such as your patio or pool area.


  • Very appealing for homeowners with plants
  • Easy to install and it can be added to a fence
  • Affordable budget option for newbie owners


  • Certainly not the most heavy-duty fence
  • High maintenance with environmental cons
Trellis Fence Panels
Image: East Shore Home

15 | Modern Gabion Wall

Modern gabion walls are low-cost yet effective fencing for keeping out intruders and peepers. The fence style consists of a metal mesh cage filled with stones, wood, or other inorganic materials.

You can place the loaded mesh cage anywhere around your property to serve as a fence. Since it’s a solid fence, nosy people can’t peek through it. You can also make the fence as tall as your local laws will allow by stacking mesh cages on one another.

Since the fence doesn’t need a concrete foundation, it doesn’t take long to install one. Also, building a modern gabion wall consumes fewer materials than building a concrete or stone wall of the same size.


  • Cost-effective if you’re DIYing the job
  • Requiring little to no maintenance at all
  • Highly customizable and long-lasting


  • Can be bulky so you’ll need the space
  • Mesh cage may shelter unwanted animals
Modern Gabion Wall
Image: Gavion Compact

Unique Privacy Fence Ideas

16 | Redwood Fence

Using redwood for a backyard isn’t popular, and that’s because the material is hard to get outside California. If you can lay your hands on enough redwood, you can create a privacy fence that stands out from anything else in your neighborhood.

Besides being aesthetically unique, redwood fences are naturally resistant to termites and decay.

Since the wood is easy to work with, you can create a solid fence or a vertical or horizontal slat fence with it. While the wood is pricey, it offers good value for money since it can last for over two decades with minimal maintenance.


  • A unique wooden privacy fence option
  • Resistant to insects, decay, and warping
  • Moderately easy to install and maintain


  • Scarcity of redwood trees outside California
  • Dig deep and this fence will be expensive
Redwood Fence
Image: Classic Fence Co

17 | Bamboo Fence

Another unusual option for a front or backyard fence is a bamboo fence. Bamboo is a type of grass that can grow as tall as trees, and its wood is strong enough to use for construction.

You can find bamboo fence designs that block visibility from the street. An Asian-themed bamboo fence can separate and beautify your garden or patio. You can build a beautiful bamboo fence by planting bamboo stalks that will grow into a living fence.

However, note that bamboo plants are highly invasive and can take over your yard if you don’t take the necessary precautions. You can avoid such an outcome by installing a pre-built bamboo slate fence.


  • By far the most eco-friendly available today
  • An attractive and exotic privacy fencing option
  • Suitable for all types of climates in humid ones


  • Expensive to acquire materials within the USA
  • Bamboo fences can grow out of control if left be
Bamboo Fence
Image: Cendani

18 | Vertical Garden Fence

If you want a yard that’s bursting with floral beauty, go with a vertical garden fence. The backyard fence consists of a wooden wall fitted with spaces for potted plants and flowers to grow. In full bloom, the fence will look like a living wall.

Besides improving your backyard privacy, installing a garden fence can provide you with more space to grow flowers and other plant types.

The additional gardening space is ideal for homeowners with small yards. Also, if you live in the city, having a vertical garden fence can turn your yard into an escape from the concrete jungle outside.


  • Looks beautiful, a great inner-city option
  • Maximizes yard space for garden bedding
  • Boosts backyard privacy while looking pretty


  • Maintenance is most definitely time-consuming
  • Danger of water damage from the vertical garden
Vertical Garden Fence
Image: Home Exposure

19 | Faux Ivy Screen

A faux ivy backyard fence is an excellent choice if you want the beauty of a vertical garden fence without the maintenance stress. The backyard fence consists of wooden or metal posts draped with artificial ivy plants. The thick curtain of ivy leaves will stop neighbors and passers-by from seeing you having fun in your yard.

The faux ivy screen can make your fence look like a living wall. However, since the plants are not real, you don’t have to prune or water them. Also, you don’t have to worry about your lifelike wall attracting insects and other pests.

If you already have a fence, you don’t need to break it down and build a new fence for a faux ivy screen. All you have to do is attach the faux ivy privacy screen to your existing fence. You can also place it around your patio or other parts of your yard.


  • Fast wallet-friendly installation option
  • Requires minimal maintenance if at all
  • Ensures maximum privacy from neighbors


  • Not the most DIY-friendly installation option
  • You might have to spend more on quality
Faux Ivy Screen
Image: Vistafolia

20 | Stone Wall Fence

Stone fences are a sturdy choice for improving privacy and security. However, before building a stone wall, check to find out if your local zoning laws permit it. If the laws are favorable, you can build a stone wall and customize it with any paint color you want.

Alternatively, you could leave the natural stone color and enjoy its rustic appeal. A natural stone wall can come up great by just giving it a birthday with a pressure washer.

Stone fences may cost more than even expensive wooden ones, but at least you won’t have to worry about replacing a stone wall for several decades. Also, compared to vinyl and wooden fences, stone fencing requires almost no maintenance.


  • Weather-resistant and weatherproof option
  • Aesthetically pleasing for those with pools
  • Easy to maintain, no professionals needed


  • Super time-consuming installation
  • Difficult to repair or alter afterward
Stone Wall Fence
Image: Pacifica Stone

Cheap Privacy Fence Ideas

21 | Corrugated Metal Fence

Corrugated metal fencing is one of the best cheap fence ideas for people who want an affordable and durable solution. The fence consists of metal posts holding corrugated metal sheets or panels.

A well-executed corrugated metal fence will have a modern aesthetic that looks good throughout the year.

Compared to real wood fences, corrugated metal fences cost less and are easier to install. That’s because the metal material is lighter. Also, metal fences are more durable. If you want a corrugated metal privacy fence that lasts for decades, use rust-resistant metal posts.


  • Suitable for commercial and residential use
  • Offers an exceedingly long lifespan vs wood
  • Easy to maintain and keeps its appearance well


  • Limited design and styling options available
  • Cost can be a factor based on material demand
Corrugated Metal Fence
Image: Bespoke Garden Designs

22 | Pallet Privacy Fence

Save time and money by not building your fence from scratch. Instead, recycle wooden shipping pallets. Recycling reduces the need to cut down more trees to create a wood fence for your patio or backyard.

Also, since manufacturers use only strong, high-quality wood to make pallets, you’ll be getting a good deal. You can use shipping pallets by taking the pallet apart and using the wood to build your fence.

Alternatively, place the pallets in their original form to create a unique-looking fence. However, before installing a pallet privacy fence, treat the wood to improve its pest and weather resistance. Otherwise, the fence won’t last.


  • The most budget-friendly privacy fence
  • Materials are very easy to source locally
  • You can get creative with your fence design


  • Could have some durability concerns
  • You’ll likely have to do-it-all yourself
Pallet Privacy Fence
Image: Michele Hebrank

23 | Mesh Privacy Fence

Improve the privacy of your existing wood or metal backyard fence by installing a mesh privacy screen on it. You can place a mesh privacy fence over an existing split rail fence or some other type of horizontal or vertical privacy fence.

The mesh will keep out curious neighbors by covering the open spaces between the fence panels or boards.

You can get a mesh privacy fence in various colors to compliment your building’s aesthetics. You can also use a mesh privacy fence to secure the inner areas of your yard, such as the patio, garden, or pool area.


  • Materials and installation won’t break the bank
  • Adaptable to an existing front or backyard fence
  • Will keep unwanted critters out of your backyard


  • Not the best backyard fence in terms of privacy
  • More suited to country folks than city suburbs
Mesh Privacy Fence
Image: Matthew Cunningham

24 | Lattice Privacy Fence

A lattice fence has gaps all over it, making it not a good choice for privacy-conscious homeowners. Make your lattice fence more private by planting trees or climbing plants that cover the gaps in the fence.

Besides securing your yard, you can also use a lattice fence to beautify and segregate outdoor spaces like your garden or patio.

Depending on your budget, you can opt for wooden or vinyl lattice fencing for your space.


  • Budget-friendly but can offer a high-end look
  • Available in various styles and color options
  • Perfect fence for vertical plant enthusiasts


  • Insufficient for privacy and or security
  • Very fragile so won’t keep animals out
Lattice Privacy Fence
Image: Matrix Outdoor

25 | Chainlink Privacy Fence

A chain link privacy fence is different from the chainlink fences you’ll find around large industrial complexes. A chain link privacy fence merges beauty and security by weaving wooden or vinyl privacy slats between the links.

Doing so covers the gaps that you’d typically see in a chainlink fence. With the gaps blocked, you don’t have to worry about people peeping at you from opposite the fence.

For optimal security and privacy, you can get a chainlink fence that’s over six feet tall. Since privacy slats are available in various colors, you can get a chain link privacy fence that compliments your property’s look. You can also customize the fence by painting its metal posts.


  • Superior in terms of privacy and security
  • Available in various color and style options
  • Budget cost-effective security fence


  • Not widely accepted for home fencing options
  • Doesn’t offer a whole lot in the looks department
Chainlink Privacy Fence
Image: Citadel Fence

Privacy Fence Ideas and Plans FAQ.

Do I Need a Permit to Put a Backyard Fence Around My Yard?

Every neighborhood has local zoning laws that govern fence installations. Most local fencing laws require a permit to install a backyard fence over six feet or a front yard fence over three feet.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Up a Privacy Fence?

The cost of installing a backyard fence will depend on various factors, such as:

  1. Size: A small fence for your patio or garden won’t cost as much as a fence for your entire yard. That’s because a fence for a larger space will require more materials, leading to higher installation costs. Besides the length of the fence, the fence’s height will also affect the final cost.
  2. Materials: The material you use to build a fence will significantly affect the cost of a fence project. For example, building a fence with wood will cost less than using metal. Various types of wood also have different prices – redwood costs more than cedarwood, while pinewood costs less than cedarwood.
  3. Design: The more intricate the design of your fence, the more it will cost. For instance, a solid fence made from wood panels will cost less than an ornately designed wooden fence with a lattice top.
  4. Location: Installing a fence on sandy soil will cost less than erecting a fence in gravel or chalky ground. That’s because sandy soil is easy to dig up, while gravel or chalk-rich ground may need special digging equipment. The harder it is to work the ground, the longer the project will take, causing higher costs.
  5. Cost: Fence installation rates will vary between fencing contractors. If you have the expertise and equipment, you can avoid paying a contractor and save money by installing your fence yourself.
How Much Does It Cost To Put Up A Privacy Fence
Image: Eric Arsenault

What Is the Cheapest Privacy Fence to Build?

The cheapest privacy fence options include:

  • Corrugated metal fencing
  • Pallet fencing
  • Chain link fencing
  • Bamboo fences
  • Vinyl fencing
  • Lattice fences

Fencing materials make up a significant chunk of fencing costs. If you opt for a pallet fence and can get the pallets for free, the cost of fencing your yard will significantly drop.

What Can I Put On the Sides of My Fence for More Privacy?

If you want to ensure that no one can see into your yard through gaps in your fence, cover your privacy fence with one of these:

  • Climbing Plants: Cover your backyard fence with dense foliage. You can accomplish this by growing plants like trumpet vine, clematis, and wisteria beside the fence. The foliage will beautify your yard and cover peepholes in the fence.
  • Faux Foliage: If you don’t want the hassle of caring for a garden, you can drape artificial plants like faux ivy over your backyard fence. The fake foliage will cover your fence throughout the year, concealing your yard and boosting your property’s beauty.
  • Mesh Privacy Screen: The screen consists of a mesh that can disrupt visibility but let in light and air. You can install it along any type of fence to keep your yard private.

If you want 100% guaranteed privacy in your yard, your fence needs to be at least six feet tall. Otherwise, people will simply look over the fence to peep into your yard.

The Bottom Line

Choose the right one for your premises by picking a wooden fence that offers a perfect balance of cost, aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and privacy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore a Wide Range of Fencing Styles: You have a variety of fencing options to choose from for your yard, ranging from classic white picket fences to modern horizontal slat designs. Each style offers unique aesthetic and privacy benefits to suit your specific preferences.
  • Consider Both Function and Beauty: When selecting a fence, consider how it will enhance both the privacy and the overall look of your property. Think about factors like long-term maintenance and durability to ensure your fence meets your needs for years to come.
  • Tailor Your Fence to Fit Your Needs and Budget: There are several customizable and cost-effective fencing solutions available. Options like corrugated metal or pallet fences can be more affordable, and you can increase privacy with additional elements like climbing plants or decorative screens.

If your favorite backyard fence idea doesn’t offer as much privacy as you would like, you can still mount the fence and cover it with foliage or a mesh screen. The extra coverage will ensure that neighbors and passersby can’t spy on you while having a good time in your yard.