Best 20V Cordless Drill of 2020 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Black & Decker LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill

While many might argue that there aren’t that many significant differences between 18V and 20V cordless drills, there are more than enough professionals who prefer having the best 20V cordless drill at their disposal over any of the top 18V or 12V cordless drill available.

These 20V cordless drills are known to have a larger battery capacity and some high-end models even marvel power drills in terms of practicality with the advancements in technology that have exceedingly increased battery life in recent times. And, when the right conditions are met – motor, adjustable speed, adjustable torque, hammer drill feature, etc. – you can also expect them to be just capable, if not more, but that would naturally depend on the manufacturer and model.

Best Overall 20V Cordless Drill
DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver
  • Compact and lightweight design at just 3.6 lbs that is easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Great power for an entry-level cordless drill with a decent amount torque of 265 in-lbs.
  • Equipped with a 1/2 inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that provides lock-tight grip.
  • Comes with a durable carry bag, two lithium-ion batteries, and a fast-charging station.

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Best Budget Cordless Drill
CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 V20 Cordless Drill Driver
  • Impressive performance for a budget drill competes with the more expensive models.
  • Made in the USA with quality components and is guaranteed with a 3-year warranty.
  • Fitted with a 2-speed gearbox so you can simply switch between 350 - 1,500 RPM.
  • Comes as a complete kit with a double-sided bit, 20V lithium-ion battery, and charger.
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Comparison Chart

CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 V20 Cordless Drill Driver Kit

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20V Max Drill Driver

WORX WX178L 20V Max Cordless LED Ai Drill

PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20-Volt Cordless Drill Driver Kit

DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver Kit

Best 20V Cordless Drill Reviews

CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 V20 Cordless Drill Driver Kit 

The CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 V20 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit comes with a 20V battery pack, a rapid charger, and loads of adjustable features. It’s a precision power tool that can be used for medium to heavy-duty drilling and is ideal for DIY household repairs and some remodeling jobs.


One of the reasons CRAFTSMAN has gained such momentum within the power tool industry is because they are one of the few companies that build and manufacture that gear in the USA. This is obviously favorable over other brands for a lot of reasons, but one of them is the customer support that CRAFTSMAN offer.

Oh, and build quality. Because what CRAFTSMAN has managed to deliver with the CMCD700C1 V20 Cordless Drill/Driver is nothing short of outstanding.

This cordless drill has both exceptional control and accuracy under load and for what might be considered a budget cordless drill, it also has fantastic versatility. CRAFTSMAN has designed this cordless drill with two-speed settings and 23 torque clutch settings positions. Because of this, you will be able to adjust the speed settings between 0 and 350 RPM, 0 and 1,350RPM. adjust up to the 265 in-lbs. of max torque

This should help you cover a wider range of drilling and driving applications considering the power output of the CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1. The LED work light will provide superb visibility in poor lighting conditions or in tight corners. Monitoring the power level should be easy thanks to the LED indicator featured on the base of the drill. 

The included 1.5Ah Li-Ion battery can get a full charge in about one hour. The drill has an ergonomic design and further reduces fatigue due to its soft-grip handle. Of course, the lightweight of just 2.73 lbs. (without the battery) contributes to this too.

The CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 is capable of drilling with anything up to 1/2” with its high-grade metal keyless chuck.

Also notable is the branded travel case that comes with the purchase, which offers convenient storage for the CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 drill and all its accessories. 

Considering the features this drill boasts with the inclusion of a 3 year warranty and the fact that the drills made in the USA, this cordless drill is rightfully deserving of the label as one of the best 20V cordless drills on the market, period. 


  • Very reliable performance
  • Can handle are pretty serious workload
  • 2 high speed RPM ranges
  •  23 torque clutch positions
  • Ultra fast charger


  • Brand isn't a household name

Black+Decker LDX120C 20V Max Drill Driver

The Black+Decker LDX120C cordless drill is an affordable solution for many of the drilling and driving applications encountered in household remodeling or repair work. While it may not boast the power of a construction site-ready drill, it does have terrific run time and delivers consistent performance. 


The Black+Decker LDX120C has 11+ clutch positions that are available on this hugely popular cordless drill. This will provide a good amount of control and safety when working on light-duty tasks. At the very least, it should prevent stripping screw bits.

The 3/8” chuck is pretty much the standard size for most cordless drills that are more budget-friendly like the LDX120C. With that said, it does mean that the Black+Decker LDX120C is not suitable for most heavy-duty tasks and is much better suited to individuals undertaking work that is demanding.

Although this drill is a single-speed design, the variable speed trigger lets you adjust between 0 and 650 RPM. This is an excellent little statistic for this drill to boast about, especially for light-duty work and for drilling or driving through drywall and softwood.

Of course, you can also use the LDX120C to pass through metal and plastic, just don’t expect it to work with concrete. The 115 in-lbs. of torque is adequate enough in regards to motor power output for light-duty jobs and the drop-off in speed when the drill is under load is not too noticeable.

One of the best things about the LDX120C has nothing to do with performance — it is, in fact, the LBX20 battery. Although the LDX120C is compatible with almost all Black+Decker 20V batteries, the LBX20 is among the few that can retain a charge for up to 18 months of idle storage. The charger for the battery is also included, as is a double-ended bit which allows for on-the-fly adjustments.

The one quality over any metric that a power tool should ideally possess is availability. Just how reliable a tool is should be it's defining characteristic. Think about it, beyond power, speed, or any other fancy feature, you want the drills you use to exactly what the Black+Decker LDX120C is... dependable.


  • Very affordable DIY drill
  • Can handle anything short of concrete
  • Super speedy 650 RPM
  • Fast-charging battery
  • 11-position clutch


  • Only suitable for light-duty work

WORX WX178L 20V Max Cordless LED Ai Drill

The WORX WX178L 20V Max Cordless LED Ai Drill has been engineered and designed to handle almost everything up to heavy-duty construction jobs, and it's been manufactured utilizing some of the best high-tech on the market.

The WORX WX178L has developed the BITLOCK chuck which allows you to singlehandedly tighten the chuck and provides 30% more grip than a regular hand-tightened chuck. The Safe Drive feature automatically adjusts the drills speed and power range make it an ideal tool to drive or drill through plastic, wood, metal, and even thicker harder materials.


If you're into the notion of purchasing a futuristic power tool, the WORX WX178L 20V Max Cordless LED Ai Drill might be just what you've been waiting for. With it's Automated BITLOCK feature, Safe Drive for Ai assistance while driving, and Pulse Assist which prevents the bit from slipping when drilling on hard surfaces, WORKX has gone full steam ahead into the future with this drill.  

With the amount of Ai related technology implemented to help improve accuracy without compromising either power or torque, even beginners might be able to handle more complex projects and work with a variety of materials.

WORX Ai Drill has no clutch settings in which the amount of torque required to drill and drive into materials will vary depending entirely on the tool’s internal Ai electronics components to safely drill holes, drive and remove screws. This means you can focus on the task at hand without having to worry about any adjustments at all.

It might seem like make-believe, but this cordless drill really does the thinking for you when it comes to drilling and it has a max 180 in./lbs. of torque all of which is automatically adjusted thanks to its electronic Ai management system. 

There’s also a forward/reverse button that makes the drill even more versatile in drilling applications. The drill seems narrower than others and, due to its lightweight and comfortable grip, this may be enough to make it ideal for a good number of users.

The LED light fitted to the WORX WX178L turns on with the trigger and turns off on its own after a short delay. An additional belt clip can be used when working in larger open spaces or when traveling between different floors. It's also very convenient if you're working at heights and need to focus and operate hands-free.

The WORX WX178L is powered by a 20V MAXLithium 1.5 Ah battery, and one battery is included with this kit. The battery is also compatible with other WORX 20V battery packs with their WORX 20V Power Share program. In other words, their batteries are universal and can be used throughout the WORX product range.

One very important final detail about the WORX WX178L 20V Max Cordless LED Ai Drill especially considering all the high-tech wizardry is that it comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. 


  • 180 in-lbs. max torque Ai control
  • Extremely high-tech Ai features
  • Super long lasting battery 
  • Automatic torque and speed adjusting
  • Auto BITLOCK chuck 30% tighter than hand


  • Drill bits and drivers not included

Porter-Cable PCC606LA 20V Cordless Drill

Porter-Cable has continually managed to develop exceptional power tools and amassed a legion of loyal fans. They have done so by giving the people exactly what they want. Bring to market high-quality products at exceedingly reasonable prices, and the Porter-Cable PCC606LA is no exception as that's precisely what you're getting with one of the best cordless drills money can buy.


The Porter-Cable PCC606LA is equipped with a high-performance motor rated at 330 Unit Watts Out (UWO). It’s a calculation that takes into account maximum speed and torque and divided by a constant. It’s not worth worry about though, so let’s get on with it.

With the high 1,500 RPM on the top-end and the 1/2" chuck size, you can bet that the PC606LA has enough power to carry you through light- and medium-duty drilling jobs. It definitely performs well against hardwood and metal. The standard American drywall is a piece of cake for this drill.

The speed is variable, and the Porter-Cable PCC606LA also comes with a 2-speed gearbox that provides control and accuracy for a wider range of applications. A battery gauge keeps you informed of the power level, and the LED light will vastly improve visibility in poor lighting conditions.

The Porter-Cable PCC606LA is still considered a lightweight tool. However, it does kind of border on the heavier side as it is 3.5 lbs. without the battery fitted. Speaking of batteries, the PC606LA comes with a PCC680L 1.5Ah Li-ion battery which provides excellent battery life even under heavy-duty conditions.

Porter-Cable has also included a 20V charger, as is a double-ended bit tip that rounds up the list of accessories nicely, especially considering the price of this kit.


  • Heavy-duty drill; ideal for concrete drilling
  • 22 +1 torque clutch positions
  • 2-speed transmission
  • 1/2” durable metal chuck
  • Up to 1,600 RPM 


  • Questionable reliability for the battery

DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver Kit

The DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver Kit may seem too affordable for some experienced users. For the reputation DEWALT has among both professionals and tool enthusiasts, you'd assume there's something amiss with the DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver and it's not one of the best cordless drills out there.

However, this model is nothing if not impressive when it comes to torque and speed management, and just about everything else for that matter. It’s a compact precision drill that’s simple to use and can get you through most of your remodeling or repair projects.


It has a 2-speed transmission, which you probably know by now to be very important when you want to control torque and the 1,350 RPM max speed in order to prevent over-driving and drilling or making a mess of the material you’re working with.

Clutch control also gives you more stability when working with power tools such as cordless drills. The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver has a 21 + 1 position clutch. The motor is energy efficient and can produce up to 265 in-lbs. of torque for light to medium-duty applications.

The compact design of the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver is ideal for drilling in hard-to-reach places. Working in dark corners shouldn’t be an issue either thanks to the bright LED work light, which always falls on the target area.

This is also very well balanced and feels great in-hand even though it weighs 5.9 lbs with the battery. DEWALT has incorporated a very nice ergonomic design with a sturdy rubberized grip handle to reduce user fatigue by a large margin.

What's awesome about this kit and especially for the price, is that fact that is impressive power tool comes with two 20V DEWALT batteries. These 20V batteries are also super light as they are the slim-line 20V battery model which helps reduce the weight while operating the drill while providing plenty of juice.

Last but not least, the drill has a powerful hammer drill feature that allows you to drill through concrete with the correct masonry drill bits. You may also want to know that the charging time is a bit slower when compared to that of the higher-priced models.


  • Lightweight easy to maneuver
  • Variable speed control
  • Super powerful 265 in-lbs. torque
  • Very energy efficient for 20V drill
  • Comes with two batteries


  • Boring looking design


Are you ready to select your next cordless drill?  If 20V drills are your bread and butter, then the Porter-Cable PCC606LA Cordless Drill may just be the best 20V cordless drill for anything up to heavy-duty drilling in concrete.

With the inclusion of a two-speed gearbox, a high-quality high-output motor, super-bright LED light, and an excellent hammer drill feature, all while maintaining a relatively compact and lightweight design, the Porter-Cable PCC606LA Cordless Drill really is one of the best cordless drills available.

Not to mention, the price point is more than fair considering every accessory is already included with the kit. You can literally get started on your projects as soon as you open the package.

In Conclusion

Nearly all of the cordless drill drivers we reviewed here today incorporate a hammer drill feature which is an extremely handy addition to any battery drill. Now while you still might have to break out the extension cord for the larger jobs requiring a rotary hammer drill, most battery drills with a hammer drill feature should get you out of trouble when it comes to less intensive tasks.

Another thing you might have noticed with this review is the lack of drill drivers utilizing the new and improved brushless motor. That's because all of these drills are at a similar price point and any cordless drills with a brushless motor command a much higher price point.

If you're interested in checking out the best cordless drills featuring a brushless motor as you require more power than to just drive a screw, read more about all your options with our review of the  best cordless drill of 2020

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