Best Angle Grinder For The Money

Best Angle Grinder for the Money

Adding a quality angle grinder to your tool kit will elevate your overall productivity to another stratosphere. Honestly, would you rather cut a section of metal stock in under 15 secs flat with an angle grinder?

Or… painstakingly power through a lump of metal like Fred Flintstone with a hacksaw after about 5 minutes of huffing and puffing? Personally, I’d rather be tarred and feathered than endure the latter.

So if you’re like me and want to be a part of the 21st century, there is only one decision to make when attempting to pick the best angle grinder. Corded or cordless? 

① Our Pick
Dewalt Dcg413B 20V Max Angle Grinder DEWALT DCG413B 20V MAX Angle Grinder
  • Dollar-for-dollar, the DCG413B is the top dog among all other cordless grinders as this cordless grinder produces corded power tool performance.

  • Powered by DeWalt's XR battery technology delivering enhanced cordless fuel capacity for far greater runtime than average.

  • Next-level ergonomics as this cordless grinder is super comfortable for prolonged usage and feels brilliantly balanced in hand.

  • Utlizes fast-acting electric break system and kickback control that enables within 2 seconds in the event of pinch of stall.

Comparison Chart

① Best Overall
  • 5.0
    • Performs on par with corded grinders
    • Fitted with a fast-acting electric break
    • Both compact and lightweight design
② Runner Up
  • 4.5
    • Brushless motor output -8,500 RPM
    • Snap-on X-LOCK for wheel changes
    • Automatic speed & torque technology
③ Deluxe Pick
  • 4.0
    • Robust Powerstate brushless motor
    • Utilizes a comfortable paddle switch
    • Added sidebar for precision & power
④ Value Pick
  • 3.5
    • Proficient grinder for heavy-duty jobs
    • Dust ejection removes dust & debris
    • Equipped with a spiral bevel gearbox
⑤ Budget Buy
  • 3.0
    • Great budget-friendly angle grinder
    • Good build quality with metal case
    • Impressive 2-yr warranty & support
① Best Overall
  • Performs on par with corded grinders
  • Fitted with a fast-acting electric break
  • Both compact and lightweight design
② Runner Up
  • Brushless motor output -8,500 RPM
  • Snap-on X-LOCK for wheel changes
  • Automatic speed & torque technology
③ Deluxe Pick
  • Robust Powerstate brushless motor
  • Utilizes a comfortable paddle switch
  • Added sidebar for precision & power
④ Value Pick
  • Proficient grinder for heavy-duty jobs
  • Dust ejection removes dust & debris
  • Equipped with a spiral bevel gearbox
⑤ Budget Buy
  • Great budget-friendly angle grinder
  • Good build quality with metal case
  • Impressive 2-yr warranty & support

Best Angle Grinder Reviews

1. DEWALT DCG413B 20V  MAX Angle Grinder

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The Dewalt DCG413B is the cordless angle grinder you’ve eagerly awaited. Why’s that?

Because this ferocious fiend for a grinder lays claim to Dewalt’s XR™ technology that delivers blistering corded-like performance and, in some cases, even surpasses its corded counterparts.

Product Highlights

The Dewalt DCG413B is a complete party animal for a grinder that boldly barges its way onto the scene with its striking good looks and feature-packed attributes.

But, what’s most impressive is the high-tech brushless motor that produces the kind of power you’d expect from a 13 amp corded angle grinder.

Then again, as a DIYer or contractor, the number one question you should ask yourself when contemplating purchasing the Dewalt DCG413B is do you really need it?

I mean, do you really need a cordless angle grinder that generates 9,000 RPM cutting speed at your disposal? Well, if you’re serious about mastering your craft, the answer would be yes!

Apart from the performance, the structure/design of the DCG413B has some neat little nuances in comparison to other grinders, and DeWalt’s engineering team seems to have heavily focused on ergonomics.

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Maneuvering the DCG413B is done with minimal effort as it weighs just 4.7 lbs with a battery fitted. Even though it’s lightweight, you can add the DCG413B to the brink with its 20V MAX battery, as it seems to know no limits.

One must-have safety feature that DeWalt incorporated with the DCG413B is the electric brake system that engages immediately when the trigger is released and stops the wheel in under 1.5 seconds.

On top of that, DeWalt’s E-Clutch system activates within 1/10 of a second whenever a pinch or stall is detected. Likewise, the brake is engaged immediately when the tool senses kickback and the tool shuts itself off.

Dewalt Dcg413B 20V Angle Grinder

WHAT’S TO LIKE ABOUT THE Dewalt Dcg413b 20v  Max Angle Grinder

You’re getting a whole lot of angle grinders with the DCG413B, and there’s plenty more we could ramble on about with this groundbreaking cordless angle grinder. It has very few flaws, if any, although you can probably assume that everything mentioned comes at a cost. 

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THE Dewalt Dcg413b 20v  Max Angle Grinder

This comes down to personal preference, but the paddle switch fitted to this model may not be your cup of Jim Beam Black. If you do favor the trigger switch setup, you might want to ponder your options. 


  • Outstanding cordless grinder that delivers corded performance 
  • Brushless motor’s power output is on par with a 13-amp motor
  • Responsive electric brake brings the wheel to a halt in 1.5 secs
  • Next-level ergonomics that is comfortable & brilliantly balanced


  • The price tag is the only real flaw with this cordless angle grinder
  • You may want to pass on the paddle switch if you’re a trigger fella

2. Makita XAG26Z 18V Cordless Angle Grinder

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If you’re less budget-constrained and you’re looking for an exceptionally powerful and exceedingly versatile angle grinder, then perhaps the Makita XAG26Z could be the shiny new workhorse you’ve been scouring the internet for.

Product Highlights

The Makita XAG26Z is a hybrid model that can accommodate a 4-1/2 inch and 5-inch disc, providing excellent versatility.

Apart from the immense flexibility the XAG04Z delivers, it also possesses a colossal amount of power for a cordless angle grinder with its BL™ brushless motor that generates 8,500 RPM.

Makita also employed a rather complex feature that electronically controls the brushless motor by efficiently regulating the power consumption to dictate the amount of torque and speed the XAG04Z churns out. And is that not enough, you can always adjust the cutting speed via a variable speed switch setting.

As with most cordless angle grinders, the XAG04Z is admittedly on the heavier side when compared to most other models. Granted, 5.8 lbs isn’t a stupendous amount of weight to be swinging around while you’re butchering sections of mild steel for your own amusement, but it’s something you might want to consider with a larger capacity battery fitted to it.

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The XAG04Z is also loaded with safety features for overload, over-discharge, and overheating protection. Makita has attached a whole bunch of unique acronyms describing these cool safety features, and while we could run through them all now, you’d really be none the wiser.

All of these electronic protections and safeties work behind the scenes to administer measures of control and modulate essential defenses to reduce potential mechanical failure.

The soft-start feature is one attribute we appreciated about the XAG04Z and is surely worth mentioning. This motor protection feature functionally suppresses the start-up load to help minimize latent strain on the expensive spiral bevel gears.

The final characteristic worth highlighting about the XAG04Z is the wire mesh that has been installed over the air intake ducts. This superb finishing touch by Makita helps prevent dust and other minuscule debris from invading the motor housing and damaging the windings.

Image: Schlosser Bande

WHAT’S TO LIKE ABOUT THE Makita XAG26Z 18V Cordless Angle Grinder

The ease of operation is perhaps the main highlight of this model. Along with the obvious power and reliable performance courtesy of Makita, the ease of use makes this a beginner-friendly tool. Its main advantage, of course, remains the cordless design which spares you from having to find your footing and minding the power cord.

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THE Makita XAG26Z 18V Cordless Angle Grinder

Given the fact that the battery is not included, the Makita XAG0Z might be slightly expensive for some homeowners, but it will work with any other Makita LTX Lithium-Ion battery. It’s probably best suited for professional metal workers, plumbers, and others that can justify the expense of the investment.


  • Jam-packed with high-tech wizardry & safety protection features 
  • Utilizes Makita’s BL™ brushless motor that pumps out 8,500 RPM
  • Tough enough to be used & abused on construction works daily
  • Variable speed control that allows you to adjust speeds manually


  • A premium quality cordless grinder that commands a higher cost
  • Delivers outstanding cordless performance but weighs 7.7 lbs plus

3. Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel  Angle Grinder

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The Milwaukee 2780-20 boasts some outlandish specs on paper with a horde of excellent features and solid design characteristics. 

The Milwaukee 2780-20 is part of Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel range and utilizes their Redlithium battery which delivers brilliant cordless performance and runtime.

Product Highlights

The Milwaukee 2780-20 can power through the toughest of materials with its powerful Powerstate™ brushless motor. Why’s that? Because the motor equipped with this little artificial critter can generate a whopping 8,500 RPM. 

When it actually comes to handling the Milwaukee 2780-20 for your cutting and polishing needs, you can comfortably manhandle this feral slicing machine by gripping its contoured over-molded handle.

Apart from the appealing appearance of the Milwaukee 2780-20, this cordless 5-inch angle grinder harbors a comfortable paddle switch with an all-metal casing for additional protection against environmental elements.

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After an extended period of time working with the Milwaukee 2780-20, we came to the abrupt conclusion that this cordless grinder is most certainly optimized for serious contractors.

The Milwaukee 2780-20 also makes use of a sealed switch housing. This boosts the durability even further as it eliminates the risk of getting dust and debris inside the mechanism of the switch.

A few other final defining qualities worth bragging about with the Milwaukee 2780-20 are the standard 3-position side handle, the quick-release guard system, and the spindle lock that is activated via a big black push-button.

All-in-all, this is outstanding value for a mid-level cordless angle grinder. The Milwaukee 2780-20 is a brilliant buy for those that have some wiggle room within their budget. 

Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel Cordless Angle Grinder

WHAT’S TO LIKE ABOUT THE Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel  Angle Grinder

One thing that stood out about the Milwaukee 2780-20 is just how smoothly it operates. This is most likely because of the high-quality cast metal gear housing that dulls the sound of the gearbox and high-performance motor under load. The end result is a cordless angle grinder that is quieter than most other models. 

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THE Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel  Angle Grinder

While the Milwaukee 2780-20 would be considered a pros cordless angle grinder, it does lack a few qualities or attributes you’d expect from a higher-priced grinder. This model only comes as a bare tool. So if you already don’t own an M18 lithium-ion battery, you’re going to have to cough up as batteries are not included. 


  • Robust high performance generates an impressive 8,500 RPM
  • Equipped with a 3-position side handle providing superb control  
  • Includes two quick-release guards for both cutting and grinding
  • Excellent battery life delivers ample runtime for heavy-duty tasks 


  • Weighing 7.4 lbs with an M18 4.0Ah battery, this is not the lightest
  • Not surprising, but Milwaukee’s price tag will be a deciding factor

4. DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2″ Corded Angle Grinder

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The DeWalt DWE402 has quite possibly established itself as the king of small corded angle grinders for a myriad of credible reasons.

This gutsy small angle grinder has been making robust metal materials and its bish for more than half a decade.

Product Highlights

There are two things that will last you a lifetime while you’re alive, sucking oxygen on this beautiful blue-green globe. Your other half’s persistence in pestering you to take the bins out and the DeWalt DWE402.

Now you’re probably thinking, what’s the difference between the two? Well, one (with the right training) can be controlled and manipulated to deliver outstanding results, and the other is a super powerful 4-1/2 inch angle grinder.

DeWalt built this rugged angle grinder to not only fiercely power its way through dense materials like; tough rebar but to do so for an eternity.

This 4-1/2 corded angle grinder is terrific in terms of build quality, and the overall design of the DWE402 has been optimized for those seeking attention to detail and improved ergonomics. The 3-position handle can be placed on all sides of the grinder, allowing it to easily accommodate both right- and left-handed users.

Even with the DeWalt DWE402 being considered an entry-level budget-friendly small angle grinder, DeWalt still managed to fit a Dust Ejection System to this model to boost the longevity of the tool.

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This Dust Ejection System feature helps protect the motor from contaminants, while also providing an amplified cooling effect over the motor by which this process effectively removes excessive heat.

So, by now, you’re no doubt wondering… what’s powering this famed 4-1/2 inch grinder and its bark as big as its bite? Well, with DeWalt’s next-gen 11 Amp motor punching out 11,000 RPM of outright madness, you better believe it.

Regarding functionality, the DWE402 is incredibly simple to use, and DeWalt has incorporated a range of useful features to increase user efficiency vastly. DeWalt’s One-Touch™ guard system permits the guard to be rotated a full 360 degrees with one hand.

Now, when switching out cutting wheels in a hurry and without the burden of using a specific tool wrench, DeWalt’s Quick-Change™ wheel release system allows you to do so at practically warp speed.

Another cool feature with the is the DWE402 is the much-loved paddle switch set-up that is super responsive. Ideally, you’ll want to opt for the version of this grinder with the lock-on switch, as holding the paddle switch for extended periods will become tedious.

Image: Marty Anthony

WHAT’S TO LIKE ABOUT THE DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2″ Corded Angle Grinder

The DeWalt DWE402 is a corded grinder that weighs in at 6.2 lbs and is roughly 12 inches long. So while it’s obvious it’s not the lightest, it’s clearly been constructed to last, which means you can treat this tool with the appropriate amount of disrespect and contempt without any consequences. 

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THE DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2″ Corded Angle Grinder

While the DeWalt DWE402 is considered a small angle grinder, that phrase merely describes its application. At 6.2 lbs and around 12 inches long, this corded angle grinder possesses some size and bulk. So if you do unfortunately happen to have micro-sized mittens, you might shop around as this grinder is probably better suited for those individuals with regular-sized man hands. 


  • The best bang for your buck small angle grinder on the market
  • Perfect for homeowners or tradesmen tackling heavy-duty jobs
  • Forceful Dust Ejection System™ eradicates harmful dust & debris
  • Favorable paddle switch set-up equipped with a lock-on switch


  • You’ll have to upgrade from the base model for the grounded switch
  • Powerful but not as compact & convenient as a cordless angle grinder

5. Black+Decker BDEG400 4-1/2″ Corded Angle Grinder

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While the pros might generally scoff and dismiss anything Black+Decker brings to market, you shouldn’t if you’re after a stout corded angle grinder for all your future DIY projects.

Okay, sure, power tools like the BDEG400 aren’t the most practical of power tools for construction site projects, although that’s not what tools like BDEG400 were manufactured for.

Product Highlights

The Black+Decker BDEG400 could very well be considered the best budget 4-1/2 inch angle grinder ever produced. This exceedingly affordable corded angle grinder caters to cash-strapped individuals conducting DIY projects like no other grinder on our list.

Pricing aside, one of the best features of the BDEG500 angle grinder is the metal casing encompassing the robust gearbox.

The metal gear case is made of high-grade medium carbon steel that has been nicely machined, which will help protect all the internal components. As a result, the reliability of the motor and gearbox is greatly enhanced, which will help increase the overall longevity of the grinder.

When it comes to power and performance, the Black+Decker BDEG400 generates a modest, yet very capable 6,500 RPM with its 6.5 amp brushed motor. While those aren’t panty-dropping performance statistics worth drooling over, they are ample for most DIY tasks.

71Rblxwpfyl. Ac Sl1500

In terms of build quality, the internal components of the BDEG400 are surprisingly impressive! The BDEG400 utilizes industrial-grade sealed bearings, and the motor windings are also coated with a protective type of epoxy resin to prevent electrical failure.

The Black+Decker BDEG400 also features a comfortable 3-position side handle with a thick nylon/rubberized grip. A grinder like the BDEG400 with a 3-position handle provides a greater degree of control while operating in hard-to-reach or confined spaces.

The BDEG400 makes use of a standard no-frills push-button spindle lock which undoubtedly makes life a lot easier when it comes to changing discs. Speaking of changing discs, the wheel guard of the BDEG400 has a quick-release feature that allows you to rotate and/or remove the guard with absolute ease.

Black+Decker has also strategically situated the one-touch release switch with the BDEG400 at a fingers reach to assist with shutting down the grinder swiftly. This little benefit will help increase your productivity once you get accustomed to using the BDEG400. 

Black+Decker Bdeg400 4-1/2&Quot; Corded Angle Grinder
Image: Federico Alescio

WHAT’S TO LIKE ABOUT THE Black+Decker BDEG400 4-1/2″ Corded Angle Grinder

The build quality of the Black+Decker BDEG400 might be more impressive than its modest price tag. Most grinders in the same price range as the BDEG400 are utter garbage, but with the BDEG400, you’re getting a well-engineered, robust little beast.

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THE Black+Decker BDEG400 4-1/2″ Corded Angle Grinder

One small drawback would be that the Black+Decker BDEG400 runs a little rough and is quite noisy when under load. Another negative worth whinging about is the limited number of accessories that are included with the BDEG400.


  • Outstanding value for money small angle grinder for DIYers
  • Well-made metal gearbox case that utilizes sealed bearings
  • High-quality brushed motor with reinforced epoxy windings
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty & a 30-day money-back offer


  • SJT power cord fitted to the grinder is not very durable or long
  • Don’t bring this angle grinder out on site as you’ll get laughed at

Best Angle Grinder Buyer’s Guide

Angle grinders are great for a variety of tasks, from cutting and grinding metal to removing rust or paint from surfaces. But with so many different angle grinders on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

Angle Grinder Disc Size and Types

The most common disc size is 4.5” and is also the most versatile size for any DIYer or handyman to have on hand.

But that’s not to say that angle grinders can’t be larger; they can be as large as 7 or 9 inches, which are better for deep cuts and for polishing larger areas.

With that in mind, the size of the disc is just one of many important features. You should also consider the disc types that come with the grinder before buying or, at the very least, the disc types that are compatible with the grinder.

Cutoff Discs

These are used to cut through pipes, bolts, rods, rebar, and other hard materials. They are made from abrasive materials like aluminum oxide, zirconia, or silicon carbide.

Grinding Discs

These are used to grind away excess material, sharpen tools, and remove rust or paint. They can be made from aluminum oxide, ceramic, or silicon carbide.

Diamond-Tipped Cutting Blades

The diamond-tipped teeth give them enough cutting power to be used on tile, granite, concrete, masonry, and so on. They can also be used for both dry and wet cutting.

Sanding Pads

With sanding pads, you can clean surfaces off old paint. You can also use them for fine sanding or coarse sanding, depending on the abrasiveness of the disc.

Aluminum Oxide Wheels

These are one of the most common types of cutoff discs and can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.

Wire Brushes

Wire brushes, either a cup brush or a wheel brush, are used to remove rust and to remove flaky paint from various metals. The cup brush is used on flat surfaces, while the wheel brush is used on curved surfaces.

Silicon Carbide Discs

These discs are ideal when you’re trying to shape metal. They can help you grind down various excess materials, such as welding.

Angle Grinder Discs
Image: Ovenell Renovations

Motor Power

Motor power is an interesting subject. Power can be expressed in watts, amps, volts, or CFM (cubic feet per minute). Of course, Watt is a unit of electrical power.

As you might know, power is the product of current and voltage (P = IV). Therefore, if you know the current (A) and voltage (V), you already know the power. CFM, PSI, RPM, etc. is a translation of power to real-world usage.

So, instead of telling you this grinder is 800W, a manufacturer might tell you that it translates to 8,000 RPM, for example.

Corded angle grinders have their input power expressed in amperage/current (since we already know the voltage).  For pneumatic grinders, manufacturers use CFM and PSI to show what the power rating translates to.

In other cases, you may find that horsepower is also used. For a quick comparison, 1,000W roughly translates to 1.34HP.

Power is very important. Usually, the larger the grinder, the larger the motor, the higher the power. But what’s most important is to match large discs with a high output.

This is one of the ways of ensuring smooth polish and deep cuts with the larger wheels. Another thing to remember is this. The speed will be inversely proportional to the torque for two grinders with the same power rating.

Angle Grinder Motor Power
Image: Leonard LI


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t want ease of use and comfort when handling a power tool. Therefore, a cordless angle grinder is arguably the best angle grinder from a comfort standpoint.

This type of tool is lighter and easier to work with. There’s no cord that can get in your way, and you’re not restricted in range. Of course, there are other features that make an angle grinder more comfortable to use than others.

For example, if a cordless tool won’t deliver enough power for your application, you should at least look for an ergonomic non-slip grip. You should also look for removable or at least adjustable side handles.

These don’t just make it more comfortable to use the tool, but they will also let you use it in tight spaces. Locking triggers can also make the tool easier to use during continuous operations.

Speed Ratings

Speed ratings may seem all over the place if you’re unfamiliar with angle grinders. Some might be tempted to believe that the best angle grinders have the highest RPM ratings.

With speeds varying from 000 RPM -500 RPM to 000 RPM – 11 000 RPM and above, there really is a wide range of output speeds, and some of this depends on the tool’s power source.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, speed or the RPM is given by the manufacturer as “no-load speed.” This means that it’s the maximum speed the grinder can put out without a disc installed. These speed ratings are essentially bench tests, so take them with a grain of salt. 

What does this mean for you? It means that a smaller angle grinder may look better on paper than a larger model. But it doesn’t mean that under full load, you will be able to get a deeper cut or a better polish than you would from a larger grinder that is more powerful.

When comparing two grinders of the same speed rating, either 500 RPM or 11 000 RPM, you should also look at the power rating of the tool in order to determine the torque.

In the case of equal speeds or variable speed features, the angle grinder with the higher power output will give more torque.

Best Angle Grinder  FAQ

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, then you know that having the right tools is essential to getting the job done right. And when it comes to power tools, an angle grinder is one of the most versatile and handy tools you can have in your arsenal.

How Do You Use An Angle Grinder?

Always hold an angle grinder tool firmly. Your free or non-dominant hand should always hold the side handle, assuming you’re not using a top handle grip.

Like all cutting power tools, always let the disc reach full speed before you bring it into contact with the work surface, especially with a metal grinder.

All angle grinders come with their own user manuals. Therefore, there might be slight differences in how to approach and use them.

Just remember to always cut and grind at the recommended angles to avoid injury. Also, remember to avoid applying too much pressure when cutting. Doing so when grinding could cause an average-quality disc to bend or break.

How Do You Change The Blade On An Angle Grinder?

First, you’ll have to turn off the grinder and remove the power source. This is necessary to avoid accidental power-ups while changing the blade or disc.

You can either remove the blade guard first with a screwdriver or proceed to remove the disc. There might be slight differences in this step, depending on the model of your angle grinder. However, for the most part, this should work on all angle grinders.

Press the spindle-lock button if the grinder has one, and try to lock the disc in place. Keep holding the button down as you’re removing the clamping flange with the special wrench. Remove the disc and replace it with a new one. Be sure to install it in the same way as the old one.

How Do You Change The Blade On An Angle Grinder
Image: Rotopino

What Can You Do With An Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder can be the ideal tool to grind out loose mortar. You can also use it to cut through concrete and stone or to cut tiles to size. For cutting tile, it’s best to use a dry-cut diamond disc.

When using a cutoff disc, the angle grinder can help you make short work of various metal cutting tasks such as: cutting rebar, wire fencing, rusted bolts, angle iron, and so on. Note that angle grinders can also be fitted with wire brushes.

A wire brush disc or wheel will allow you to remove flaking paint and remove rust. Depending on the type of brush, you can use it for flat areas or uneven surfaces. Last but not least, you can also use an angle grinder equipped with a grinding wheel to repurpose old tools.

Grinding discs can help you sharpen dull blades or dull edges on tools such as shovels, axes, hoes, and others. It’s worth pointing out that this type of work requires skill and care. That’s because this can overheat the blade and affect its sharpness retention.


If you’ve decided on the Dewalt DCG418X1, then you’ve made a good choice. Its superb performance, comfortable design, one-touch guard, and excellent build quality make it a reliable workhorse for any household chore or worksite job. 

71J1Ra9Mkpl. Ac Sl1500

In Conclusion

Finding the right grinder can be tough. But hopefully, with our guidance, you’ve been able to determine which angle grinder is deemed necessary for your needs. Is it vital to buy the most powerful grinder with every imaginable high-end feature? Hell no!

In theory, any one of these corded or battery-powered beastly barbarians will get the job done; that’s why each of them made our list of best angle grinders.

But, deciding whether or not any of these fiendish power tools are ideal for your would-be DIY projects or daily construction works is entirely up to you. As always, if you have any questions or require further advice, hit us below in the comment section. Best of luck!