Can Angle Grinders Cut Wood?

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Can Angle Grinders Cut Wood

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As you might know, an angle grinder is one of the most popular power tools on the relevant market. The reason? It is a product used by both professionals and regular people who enjoy doing home repairs on their own. This is due to the fact that a high-quality angle grinder can cut through metal, bricks and even concrete without much trouble, and with the cordless angle grinders being available on the market, the portability only adds to the benefits. 

But while it is great to be used by a mechanic or a plumber, how good it is if a carpenter or a woodworker decided to use it? Well, the answer is quite complex.

The thing is that wood is a much lighter material than metal, meaning that using an aggressive power tool such as the angle grinder, may not end up as you expected. In fact, you may even get seriously injured, and that is certainly not what you are looking for out of a woodworking project. Bearing this in mind, there are a number of things you need to consider before you give it a go.

We did some research and came up with a few answers on can angle grinders cut wood. Let’s take a look!

The Risks of Cutting Wood With an Angle Grinder

The main problem with cutting wood using an angle grinder is the fact that you will be dealing with a powerful tool on a light material. What this means is that you may not have the adequate control needed to achieve the best results, without injuring yourself. But why is this? The answer is quite simple.

Once an angle grinder has the disc attachment on, it can spin up to 15,000 rotations per minute which can increase the chances of a strong kickback, and end up severely injuring your hand. If you are lucky you might be successful, but why risk it when there are better options such as the circular saw?

While this is a fact, it doesn’t exclude the possibility that certain types of wood are better suited to cut with an angle grinder. Also, are you looking for small woodcuts or something more complex? If what you have in mind is cutting edges, you will probably be fine as long as the angle grinder has its safeguard on.

For example, plywood is certainly not something you would want to use an angle grinder on! Unless you want to end up with multiple stitches on your hand, you are better off using a different tool.

Is Cutting Wood With an Angle Grinder Effective?

Yes, there are certain safety concerns related to cutting wood with an angle grinder, but if you take those precautions, and you have an idea of cutting only edges and small cuts of wood that is heavier, can that be done effectively? The answer is an absolute yes! It is due to the fact that finding a power tool that is more efficient than an angle grinder is hardly likely.

With up to 15,000 rotations per minute cutting, any material with enough patience will be quite easy. But why do woodworkers recommend angle grinders, when these are not that safe?

Exactly because of the fact that without an angle grinder, the whole process of cutting and shaping wood is going to be much harder. This tool is almost perfect for tasks such as carving, sanding, and shaping, and that is why it is so highly prized on the market.

As it can perform heavy work in a fast amount of time, you have to remember that safety goggles and PPE gear are essential for your safety.

Along with that, you need to be aware of the attachments that will make the process easier and safer for you.

It all depends on what you are looking to achieve, but from what it seems, abrasive carving disks, carving wheels, and flap discs are quite important to have, especially if you are dealing with wood on an everyday basis, and you are using the angle grinder in the process.


As you can see the discussion on whether angle grinders should be used to cut wood or not is not that straightforward. The reason is that this tool may be too powerful for light wood and can increase your chances of an injury. 

While we think that there are certain benefits to using an angle grinder for carving, shaping and sanding, you need to be fully focused and use your safety equipment.

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