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The Tool Scout

The Right Tools for Every Project

Hello! Welcome to The Tool Scout. Here, you will find reviews, advice, and other information regarding all the tools that you need to complete the project you have been putting on the back burner. From small home improvements to major construction efforts, you need to put thought into all the projects that you take on – and put thought into all the tools that you add to your toolbox.

Fortunately, we can help you with that. There is no reason that you should ever feel lost, because equipping yourself with the knowledge and guidance that we have to offer, you can grab at your tool belt coolly and calmly, confident that you are ready to get down to work when it’s time to start cutting some boards and hammering some nails.

The Right Tools for the Job

As craftsmen, we often talk about “the right tools for the job.” This is a phrase that has taken on multiple meanings, describing our abstract capabilities as well as the real-world, in-hand tools that we use for our projects, for building things and improving them. It is a phrase that I have put a lot of thought into in my life, my passion for tools beginning when I was still just a kid. Back then, I had done very little building or improving of my own, my projects confined to the toy blocks I kept stashed away in my bedroom, but the seed had been planted for what would become a lifelong pursuit.

My name is Michael McDonnell, and I am the creator of The Tool Scout. This is a lifelong pursuit for me, and when you visit The Tool Scout, you are getting the benefit of a career’s worth of experience and expertise. If you are like me, then you want to know exactly what you are getting into long before you pick up a tool or lay out your fasteners. You want to feel informed going into your projects, like the work itself is a formality – because of all the effort that you have put into your education and preparations.

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On The Tool Scout, you will find

  •  Tool RecommendationsI will tell you which tools I am using and which tools you should use for your next project or job.
  •  Tool ReviewsYou can always count on me for an honest, blunt, and complete take on all the tools that I review.
  • Tool AdviceThis stuff can get complicated. Why try to make sense of it all on your own when there is help available?
  • Tool News and InnovationsLike any industry, the tool industry is constantly evolving. Stay up to date with the latest news right here.
  • Tips and TricksYour toolbox is more than just a toolbox. It’s filled with magic! I will show you all sorts of tips and tricks that you can use to save time and wow your fellow craftsmen.
  • Angle Grinders – From metal to stucco to mortar, you want fine, smooth surfaces on all the materials you use.
  • Circular Saws – Yes, a perfect cut is possible – but not if you are working with the wrong circular saw.
  • Cordless Drills – Give yourself the gift of movement while you are drilling holes in your planks and boards.
  • Impact Drivers – Large fasteners can be tricky unless you choose the right impact driver for your toolbox.
  • Miter Saws – Any angle, any time, every project: a high-quality miter saw is a must-have for every serious craftsman. 
  • Woodworking Plans – You never want to go into woodworking without an intelligent strategy. I can help you there.

My Background

For twenty years, I have worked as a mechanical engineer in the HVAC industry. I have also done extensive work in the construction industry, overseeing a wide range of jobs. As you can imagine, I have seen projects on both ends of the spectrum – the well-executed down to the not-so-well-executed. I have also seen tools that even many experts have never heard of, holding them in my hands and seeing what works best in every situation. The more complex a job is, the more certain you need to be about the tools that you select for it: I get that. Offering advice to others, I strive for clarity at all times, and it is always my number-one priority to set you up for success.

In the course of my career, I have traveled all around the world. While building styles may change from one country to another, the fundamentals of building do not. Every place that I have been, the old adage holds true: “a tradesman is only as good as his tools.” Anyone who has spent as much time as I have around tools (and around tradesmen) can confirm that for you.

Your Next Project

It doesn’t matter if you are a career craftsman in training or taking on a DIY project over the weekends: mastery is within your reach. Mastery starts, however, with the tools that you use. Take it from us, there is much more faulty information on this topic than there is information that you can trust. Rather than playing a guessing game and trying to cut through the clutter on your own, you can turn to me for reliable advice founded in hard-earned experience.

Whatever your next project or job may be, you have come to the right place. we want to show you what your true potential is – by showing you how a Tool Scout thinks, shops, and works.

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Contact Us

We are always open to answering any questions that my readers have. If you are just starting a new project, we want to hear about it too. Don’t hesitate: contact us today at support@thetoolscout.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.