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Are Cordless Angle Grinders Any Good?

Cordless angle grinders are most certainly unmatched when it comes to their portability and convenience. There have been some major improvements with battery technology in recent years which as lead to mass adoption of power tools like cordless angle grinders. But does that mean you should invest your hard earn cash on the latest and greatest…

Angle Grinder Advice

Can You Buff With an Angle Grinder

Can you buff with an angle grinder? Well, if you’re considering using a high-speed angle grinder to buff and polish your beloved 77′ Ford Pinto to socially acceptable levels where the opposite sex doesn’t cackle like a gang hyenas as you roll by, go ahead, have at it. Although, the only reason I recommend you eagerly…

Angle Grinder Advice

How to Cut Cast Iron Pipe With an Angle Grinder

Cast iron pipework was once heavily utilized for mains drainage and sewer pipe applications and is typically found in older residential and commercial type properties. While cast iron pipework was once considered an incredibly robust alternative for such applications as it was expected to last up to 75-years, it had ceased being used for residential…

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Bosch GWS8-45 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder Review

If you’re looking for an angle grinder that has the power and features for heavy-duty applications, the Wen 4-1/2” grinder could be what you need. It’s powered by a 7.5A motor, and it spins at a maximum of 11,000 RPM, which is more than what you need for any type of DIY or professional job. Wen Products may not be as famous as other power tool manufacturers, but the 94475 has all of the features needed to get any job done quickly. It’s also very lightweight so that it’s non-fatiguing.