Are Cordless Angle Grinders Any Good

Are Cordless Angle Grinders Any Good?

Cordless angle grinders are most certainly unmatched when it comes to their portability and convenience.

There have been some major improvements in battery technology in recent years which has led to the mass adoption of power tools like cordless angle grinders.

But does that mean you should invest your hard earn cash in the latest and greatest lithium-ion battery-fueled angle grinder?

In my opinion, yes! Although, before you make such a monumental decision, maybe continue reading a little further to see exactly what you’d be getting from such a tool, and precisely which cordless angle grinder is right for you. 

Which is the Best Cordless Angle Grinder?

Let’s assume you’re not too keen on paying top dollar for your very first cordless angle grinder but still want a cordless grinder with a powerful motor, exceptional battery life, and superb build quality.

If that’s the case, don’t even bother fluffing around with anything other than the DeWalt DCG412B 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder.

This small angle grinder is super robust and possesses an ergonomic design utilizing a trigger switch feature for increased comfort. While the DeWalt DCG412B doesn’t have a paddle switch feature, the over-under design with the trigger switch feels really good in-hand.

① Our Pick
Dewalt Dcg412B 20V Max 4-1/2” Angle Grinder DeWalt DCG412B 20V MAX 4-1/2” Angle Grinder
  • Incredibly powerful cost-effective cordless angle grinder that generates an impressive 8,000 RPM plus making it ideal for contractors.

  • A robust angle grinder has been specifically designed for more heavy-duty demanding applications including construction sites.

  • Awesome over-under handle design with a handy 2-finger trigger switch that is exceedingly comfortable to use for extended periods.

  • A very versatile angle grinder that can be used with either a 4 1/2-inch wheel or 5-inch cutting or grinding wheel attached to it.

Now, if the DeWalt DCG412B doesn’t rock your world, and you’ve got a bit more disposable income, there’s one other cordless grinder I’d recommend. If you’re after a cordless angle grinder that pulls no punches, there’s one cordless grinder that sores like an Eagle while the rest simply frolic around like Seagulls.

That trophy goes to the Makita XAG20Z 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder.

The XAG20Z is Makita’s flagship model with everything from an extended paddle switch feature, highly durable and powerful brushless motor, variable speed control feature with 3-speed adjustment, and Makita’s renowned 18V LXT lithium-ion battery.  

Best Premium Grade Grinder
Makita Xag20Z 18V Lxt Bl 4-1/2 Cordless Angle Grinder Makita XAG20Z 18V LXT BL 4-1/2 Cordless Angle Grinder
  • Powered by Makita's BL™ brushless motor that produces over 8,500 RPM and operates exceedingly efficiently.

  • Equipped with an anti-restart protection system that prevents the motor from unwillingly starting.

  • Automatic Speed Change™ technology that automatically adjusts both speed & torque when grinding.

  • Rubberized slimline body with a soft grip construction that is super comfortable in-hand when grinding or cutting. 

What is the Best Brand of Angle Grinder?

This is somewhat debatable and largely depends on personal preference, at least when we’re talking about the big brands in the power tool industry.

Generally, brand loyalty plays a major part in tool selection and is typically influenced by user experience.

If you were to judge any power tool brand purely based on reception, the two brand names that seem to consistently pop up are DeWalt and Makita.

While Milwaukee Tools are most absolutely in the mix when it comes to grinders (or any other power tool), their battery-powered grinders irrefutably command a much higher price tag and are normally reserved for the pros.

Both DeWalt and Makita have been manufacturing power tools for a considerable amount of time. DeWalt first started producing power tools nearly 30 years ago, while Makita has been going strong since 1958 when they manufactured the very first electric planer.

This sort of longevity in an industry that is super competitive is difficult to maintain, and both companies are still thriving decades later at the top of the heap.

So really, it comes down to DeWalt and Makita, and you can’t go wrong with either brand. They both manufacture power tools to the highest of standards and when it comes to producing cordless grinders, it’s hard to pick a clear winner.

Although you and I are on the prowl for a good quality cordless grinder, price and product features will likely determine our final selection with either brand. 

What Is The Best Brand Of Angle Grinder

Are Brushless Grinders Better?

To put it bluntly, yes! Brushless motors utilized in cordless power tools are way more efficient than brushed motors and require zero maintenance.

For the latter reason alone brushless motors are most certainly worth the additional expense and should be a priority when considering cordless angle grinders. Not only that, but the increased efficiency brushless motors provide over brushed motors significantly extends any cordless grinder’s battery life.

Generally, whether it’s a cordless grinder or impact driver, a brushless motor will deliver better performance and endurance.

Plus, if you’re a lazy type of fellow like myself, you’ll never have to perform emergency surgery on your cordless grinder to replace would-be worn motor brushes.

What Are Angle Grinders Good For?

Honestly, a whole host of heavy-duty tasks both around the home for remodeling jobs or on construction sites for everyday building works.

Angle grinders are also a preferred power tool for mechanical plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, auto mechanics, sheet metal workers, concreters, and a whole host of other trades and professions.

If you’re an apprentice or are attempting works in any of the mentioned fields, you’re going to need an angle grinder in your arsenal.

As to whether you should get yourself a corded or cordless angle grinder… I’d say grab the latter and ensure it is equipped with a brushless motor as when you’re on the clock, time is literally money, and you don’t want to waste any running extension leads.

In summary, you can use an angle grinder to tackle some of the following jobs with the necessary attachments:

As you can see, as long as you’re making use of the correct disc, there isn’t much an angle grinder cannot accomplish, which is exactly why they are such a popular power tool.

Either of the best cordless angle grinders I’ve suggested above will make light work out of any of the tasks referenced, so don’t think you’ll also need a corded counterpart unless you plan on cutting concrete slabs.

For that, you’ll need a concrete saw. A concrete saw is a different specialist power tool, that is generally something you’d want to hire and not own. Unless you’re a builder or concreter, then it might be worth buying a concrete saw.

The Benefits of Cordless Angle Grinders

The predominant benefit of using cordless grinders revolves around the mobility of the tool and just how easy it is to maneuver as you don’t have the burden of a power cord impeding your movements.

As battery technology continues to progress, cordless grinders will eventually phase out corded angle grinders with vastly improved battery life.

That really is the only drawback with some lesser cordless battery-powered grinders, as a brushless angle grinder now possesses equal or even superior power when compared to a corded grinder.

That said, the best cordless grinder isn’t the most powerful, the best angle grinder (period) is the most reliable one, so choosing a grinder with a top-notch battery should be priority number one for you.

Sure, owning an angle grinder with a multitude of features including a paddle switch, thermal overload motor protection safties, automatic variable speed control, and extreme protection technology is cool.

But, what should take precedence over all else is whether or not the power tool you plan on purchasing actually severs your needs.

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The Main Features of a Cordless Angle Grinder

To actually find out whether cordless grinders are ideal for you, we need to discuss the main features and how this unique battery-powered power tool will benefit you going forward.

As we mentioned above, it is the battery that keeps this product running at the necessary RPM to slice and smooth dense materials like metal with an angle grinder. If the battery is not a premium-grade lithium-ion battery, then you’ll, unfortunately, find yourself reluctantly having to rotate batteries persistently… in the middle of a darn job.

However, buying a high-quality cordless grinder as I proposed from either DeWalt or Makita, means you’ll have the confidence to tackle a whole horde of heavy-duty tasks without missing a beat.

Along with that, the other major component equipped in any grinder that is of the utmost importance is the motor that the devilish cutting and polishing machine uses to work its magic.

While brushed motors are definitely cheaper in terms of their upfront cost, they are not as reliable as brushless angle grinder motors that claim exceedingly better durability.

Yes, the price is a little higher for an angle grinder with a brushless motor (cordless or not), but you are also getting a power tool that weighs much less and is notably easier to maneuver.

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Should You Buy a Cordless Angle Grinder?

Well if you’re still on the fence, picture this… Would you rather pull a carry case from the back of your truck or from a shelf in your shed, with or without the painstaking hassle of having to run an extension lead?

Now while you might be thinking, “running an extension lead isn’t so bad”. And yeah, it’s not so bad occasionally. But if an angle grinder is a tool that you see yourself utilizing on a regular basis, opting for a cordless angle grinder with a good quality lithium-ion battery will be highly beneficial to your future success on a variety of strenuous jobs.

Although, keep in mind that you should always purchase any power tool within your budget and save your dollars and cents for where it actually makes sense… materials.

If you have a more flexible budget and you can convenience your other half that such a purchase will assist with remodeling your bathroom much sooner than expected, a cordless angle grinder is certainly a great power tool to have at your disposal.

The reason? Again, cordless grinders are lighter, more powerful (with the right brushless motor), and much easier to manipulate than traditional corded grinders as you’ll have no power corded hindering your motion. With that said, a corded angle grinder is a power tool that is undeniably cost-effective and proven in regard to both reliability and overall performance.

In other words, if you’re budget is super tight, check out our review of the best angle grinders of 2022 with covers both corded and cordless angle grinders in-depth with a complete buyers guide.

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In Conclusion

As we mentioned earlier, a cordless angle grinder is a product that is just winning the market over in recent years, yet there is still room for improvement with subsequent battery technologies.

Personally, I do think that cordless angle grinders are worth the additional expense, even though the added cost is somewhat minimal in the grand scheme of things. As long as you select a cordless grinder from a premier brand that develops power tools that employ A1 battery cell efficiency, you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, cordless angle grinders are unquestionably a handy power tool to have on-hand and are undoubtedly more than capable for those eager individuals who conduct routine DIY activities around the house.